Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reviewed: Boxycharm Box For August

Happy Tuesday!

It’s back to the monthly box reviews today and even though I have boxes waiting for review that arrived prior to this one, I’m too excited to wait to share it. This one may well be the winner for the month. Every product in this box is full sized. Yay, Boxycharm!

The obligatory card that has the details on the back - which I didn’t show.

Then inside…

Oh - oh - what is that there at the back? Hmmmm?

Starting with the little round black thing in the front - I told you I’m mean like that.

This is a black gel eyeliner from MICA Beauty Cosmetics.

Now, I will confess that this type of eyeliner intimidates me to no end. I normally use a darker shadow for liner and will sometimes use a pencil. I’ve just started playing around with felt tip liners but this - this frightens me. However, I think this would work pretty well for that winged liner I’m working up the courage to try.

This product retails for $35.00. 

And Boxycharm even included a liner brush which I used to swatch the eyeliner.

Still intimidated but I do love the color of the brush handle. The brush is from Seta and retails for $16.00.

Next, a highlighting crayon from So Susan

So Susan is a cruelty-free company founded by a lovely lady named Susan Chyi. Susan's philosophy is that makeup should not only provide coverage but should also care for your skin.

This particular product contains silk peptide and organic Chia seed extract to help moisturize the skin and promote suppleness wherever you put it.  The tip is chiseled to make it easier to cover as little or as much of the face as desired.

There are two color choices. The color here is Candlelight. The other one is called Starlight. I’ve purposely overdone the application here on the back of my hand. 

Of course, if you really want to stand out, you could leave it way. I prefer subtlety. Thankfully, this blends well so that you won’t look like a disco ball, but it will catch in the light for a subtle sheen - even with as much as I initially applied.

This product retails for $20.00. I am considering getting the other color.

So Susan even has a monthly bag full of their own products. The cost is $15.95 and you get 3 full sized items plus a bonus full-sized item. The subscription works like this - you buy one of the available bags and you are automatically subscribed. Before the bag goes out, you do get the opportunity to preview some of the items you'll receive. The bags are even cute. Yes, I am considering it.

And for the hair - Nios Shield Leave-In Conditioner.

I’m really looking forward to using this the next time I shampoo. No only does it contain Moroccan Argan Oil, but it also offers an SPF of 15 to protect the hair from the sun.

In case you didn’t know it, your hair can become sunburned just like your skin. And if you color treat your hair, it’s even more important to protect that gorgeous, expensive new color from fading. I’m not in the sun much, but it will be nice to know that my hair will be protected when I am.

This product retails for $26.00.

Have I kept you waiting long enough? Ok. Here it is.

Ta-da! The star of this box - the Coastal Scents Revealed 3 eyeshadow palette!

Only one tiny, little problem. I already have it.

Still, this alone makes the box worth well over the monthly price. 

With 20 different shadows, you’re sure to find so many combinations. There’s matte, satin, shimmer and downright glittery in here. Plenty of definition, shine and sparkle to go around. 

This may be my favorite of the three. Well, until I open up the other two. Ok. They’re all my favorites! I’ve used shadows out of all three at this point. The ones I’ve used were well pigmented and lasted all day without creasing and that was before I had an eyeshadow primer to use. Good quality at an affordable price. I can’t compare them to the Urban Decay palettes since I can’t justify paying that price when I can have something I think might be just as good for much less.

artsy pic - sorry, couldn't help myself

The suggested retail value on this is apparently $39.95 but is on sale now for $19.95, which is what I paid for mine. I just looked and now the palette can be purchased for $15.43 and that is the Prime price so no shipping involved. It can also be purchased for $60.64 with $5.69 shipping, if you don’t care that you’re throwing your money away. And no, that is not for multiple palettes - at least, it doesn’t say it is. I wonder, has anyone really bought it for that much?  

Now, I'm not promising anything, you understand, but I have created a box in which I'm tossing things that might be available for a giveaway and this is going in it and I will be looking into how that works. When I started the blog, I had no intentions of getting involved in giveaways but now that I'm not tied down to a cube job, I'm giving it more consideration. But like I said, I'm not promising anything. If I can become involved in someone else's giveaway, I will probably go that route first.

The total value of this box comes to $136.95, with the retail value of the Revealed 3 palette. With the palette at the actual sale price, it’s $116.95. Excellent value for the monthly cost of the box, which is $21. I did get the yearly subscription price of $231, which brings the monthly cost down to $19.25. 

Doing the math, this month’s box is worth $116.95, it cost me $19.25, which equals huge savings overall. Last month’s box was no exception. Based on just these two months, I’m going to say that if you can only have one monthly box, Boxycharm is one to seriously consider.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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