Saturday, September 12, 2015

Reviewed: Beautybox 5 for August

Happy Saturday!

Let's take a look at the real Beautybox 5 box for August, shall we? Only one sample in this one, which is always appreciated.

When this one came, I couldn't help but notice how heavy it felt. When it comes to beauty boxes, heavy is usually a good thing - as it was this time. But upon opening said box....

This is what I saw first. Had to pull it all out to get a good group photo.

The green thing got me excited but let's start where the card starts.

The red thing at the top is a printed nail file and case from Donnamax.

This is a really cute idea, however, I no longer use this kind of file on my nails. If it had been made of glass, now that would have been impressive and probably more expensive. 

Donnamax is actually a wholesale company that sells products in large lot sizes to places like Amazon, who then sell the individual products at a profit. For instance, this particular product goes for $0.69 per piece in a case lot of 96 pieces, according to the Donnamax wholesale catalog. The card in the box states the retail price would be $4.99. That's a lot of profit for somebody. I found it offered by a retail site (not Amazon) for $12.99, discounted down to $7.00. Kind of eye-opening, isn't it?

The box included an eyeliner pen from Starlooks in the color Plum.

I've not had much luck with these felt tip liner pens but then the tip on this one is good sized so it might work a bit better for me.

This full-sized product retails for $19.99.

Now the large packet that took up the entire box - a deep conditioning hair treatment from Hask.

Lots of product in this packet. I'll probably get two uses out of it. The claim is that this stuff will "undo damage and dryness in a snap!" Hmm. 

This is a full sized product, believe it or not, and retails for $2.39.

Ok. The big green thing now. This is one of the Hot Stuff Go Pop Compacts from Jerome Alexander. The name on this one is Swagg.

The cover is a rubberized cover in which the compact is nestled and can be removed fairly easily. It's a cute idea but I'll probably leave it off since it is a bit on the bulky side. I don't tend to carry my compacts around with me so it's really not needed. I do love the color, though.

Inside the compact is 3 mineral shadows, 3 lightly tinted glosses and the brushes to apply both. The shadows in mine are in the green family - that top one has gold glitter in it, which makes it look brown in the picture. The bottom one is a pale, silvery green. The middle one looks pretty close to real life in the picture.

The compact comes in 6 different colors and the case is indicative of the shadow colors inside. Cost is $10.99 and can be ordered separately here. I'm considering getting the purple one, myself.

The sample is again from Pur-lisse. This time, I received the Pur-Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer.

The full size of this one is 1.7 oz (30 ml) and sells for the same $55 as the one with SPF. That makes this little sample worth the same $16.50, although this time, it wasn't the most valuable in the box.

Total estimated value of the August box is $54.86. If you would like to give Beautybox 5 a try for yourself, you can sign up here.

I would say we are now caught up with the boxes so far but I just received a fabulous box that I purchased separately from Beautybox 5 so I'll have that one for you next week. Along with my Birchbox, for which I received notification of it having been sent. Ipsy is once again offering to show me the bag for this month but I'm resisting. They do this at the beginning of every month. I've peeked the last couple of times but this time, I want to be surprised.

Until next week, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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