Friday, October 23, 2015

FOTD Friday - Yesterday's Look

Happy Friday, All!

Today I have for you the makeup look I wore yesterday when we drove my Mom a couple hours south to meet up with her younger sister so they could visit for a few days. 

These are the products I used.

Starting with the usual suspects for the basics like brows, setting powders and concealer.

For foundation, I used a product that came in my Ipsy bag for October, a BB cream from Pur-lisse.

While the tube doesn't specify the color, when I looked on their site, they have actually labeled the medium color as the one used for the October Ipsy Glambag. This foundation went on smoothly without primer and didn't seem to settle into pores or wrinkles and lasted pretty much all day. Places around my mouth and nose did rub off, as per usual, but other than that - I'm writing this after 6 pm and I see no breaking or creasing whatsoever. It still looks just like it did when I put it on early this morning.

I used the ELF contour palette for contour and the additional setting of my under eyes.

I used the bronze-y shade in the lower left corner for contour and the yellow-ish shade in the upper right for my under eyes, on top of the ELF HD Undereye Setting powder. I was looking a bit too sparkly there and the yellow toned that down quite a bit.

For blush, I used the Milani Baked Blush in Rose D'Oro.

This blush has a bit of sheen to it, one reason I wanted to tone down the under eye. Well, that and because of the highlighter I used.

That highlighter is from Wet n Wild and is the one called Hollywood Boulevard.

This one does come off more of a champaign color rather than pink. And it is shimmery. I also toned that down with some of the yellow-ish powder out of the contour palette. I do like the way this gave my cheeks a bit of a glow even with the matte powder on top.

This combination has also lasted all day long and once I blended it all together, there were no noticeable demarcations of each product.

Now for the eyes. 

I started with a Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad To The Bronze, which I put all over the lower lid using the ELF "C" brush.

In my crease, I used a matte taupe color out of the Coastal Scents Revealed palette - it's the one to your right. I used the one on your left on my brow bone to give a little bit of highlight there. I also used that same color at the inner corner of my eyes to brighten that area. Did not use the one in the middle, by the way. It's just there and very pretty, too, I might add, just not what I wanted for this look.

I then added to the shimmer of Bad To The Bronze by using another color out of the same palette to really give that shimmer some punch.

The color I used is on your right. For liner, I mixed the two colors to the left of that shimmery one and fully lined my lower lash line then carried it just a bit up onto the upper. I didn't really want a full line up there. Just a hint at the very outer corner. 

The shadow did crease but I think it's the fault of my eye cream rather than the shadow. Maybelline Color Tattoos generally don't crease and I've never before experienced creasing with any of the Coastal Scents colors I've tried. The eye cream I'm now using is a bit creamier than the one I had been using from Yes To Blueberries. I'm now thinking about going back to the Blueberries when I'm going to be wearing makeup and using the other one only at night or when my face will be naked. I'll try that for my eyes tomorrow and see if the shadow doesn't last a bit longer.

I did use the Doucee Punk Volumizing Mascara on my lashes.

The size of that brush did make me a bit apprehensive. After getting my shadow just right, I did not want to mess it all up by getting mascara everywhere. Not to worry, though. This brush works like a charm and really gave me full, noticeable lashes. I ended up with three coats on the top lashes and one on the bottom.

I did see some smudging at the end of the day but again, that could be the fault of the creamy eye cream. 

Here are the eyes freshly shadowed.

On my lips, I used a combination of a liner from Rimmel in the shade Innocent, a matte lipstick from Maybelline in the color Daringly Nude, and an ELF lipstick in Flirty & Fabulous.

The combination ended up looking like this.

I did eventually switch to an all pink shade while on the go. It's what was in my purse at the time and I needed something on my lips.

And the full face look.

Also had my hair touched up yesterday. No more grays - at least for now.

And with the glasses - since the picture came out halfway decent for a change.

That look in my eyes is, "Why isn't it taking the picture?" And about the time I thought that, the camera went off. Ain't technology grand?

I liked how natural this makeup looked on me. I tend to try to go more natural when I'm with my folks. Plus, I kind of like it better myself, anyway. Not that I don't like a smokey eye look on me. 

Now, I had planned to show you last Friday's look but I hated the eyes so much that I decided to show yesterday's instead. After further consideration, I think I will show you how bad the eyes were and why I prefer more natural looks on me.

I used shadows out of the ELF Endless Eyes Pro Mini Palette in the Brights collection. 

These are brights, all right. A little too bright for me, I think.

I used the teal color to the left of the green one on my lower lid then used the darker color to the right of the green one in my crease. Both are very shimmery, which was a huge mistake since I then used the beige colored one down in the very lower left corner of the pic above this one on my brow bone. Much too shimmery for my taste.

eeek! lookit all that nice silver halo.

I mean, it looks all right in this picture but from another angle...

Can you say disco ball? That shimmery green liner didn't help, either.

I even tried to use something darker in the crease but since it was also shimmery....well, you get the idea. But in case you don't...

The look in those eyes says it all, don't it? And this was later in the day when my eyes had really had it so ignore those in your face veins right there. 

However, the overall look wasn't too bad - in the right light.

And what is up with that one hair in my eye? Just not a good pic day, I guess. 

Anyway, I did like the rest of my look. I think the blush is from the ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder duo in St. Lucia - more shimmer on my face. Can't remember what's on my lips, though. Another reason I wasn't going to do a post with this look. I failed to take pics of all of the products and I don't remember all of them either. Still, you now get the idea of how it looks when you shimmer the entire face. Yeah. Not doing that again.

I really like many of the colors in this palette, but I think the next time I use it, I'll pair a shimmery lid with a matte crease and brow bone. Kind of like what I did yesterday. I think that will rightly balance the shimmers in the ELF palette and I won't look like a full blown disco ball. Maybe this combo would look good for an evening out but definitely not a daytime look.

So there you have two looks for the price of one. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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