Thursday, October 29, 2015

NOTD: Pipe Dream Polish Street Carnival Collection

Happy Thursday!

I am really excited to show you the water marble I did with the Street Carnival Collection from Pipe Dream Polish. 

The color on these is extraordinary. So rich and bright. These are true neons. This collection is only missing a good yellow but even without that, I think they are amazing as a water marble.  

I did start with a white base - Sinful Colors Snow Me White.

Just one coat here. Not the best application in the world but then it doesn't have to be, either. We're gonna cover all that patchiness up with something truly gorgeous.

I did use a liquid latex instead of tape. This is Purple Nurple from So Much Goodness.

Side note: I should have put this stuff on a lot thicker and further down my fingers as well completely covered the underside. Live and learn but I'm thinking I'll just stick with tape from now on. I ended up with nearly as much cleanup as I would have had I used nothing. Fault with the operator and not the product, by the way.

Anyway, I used all 5 colors, two rounds of one drop of each color, in the order you see above - well, for the first dipping that included the pointer, middle and ring fingers. I reversed the color order for dipping my thumb and pinkie together. The cups I use are a bit small for three of my fingers all at once so when I do this again (and I will), I think I'll stick with just two at a time and the thumb all by itself.'re wondering how it all turned out, aren't you?

Before I do the big reveal, allow me to say that this took only the two dips described. Seriously. I did the design only once and dipped. To say I'm very impressed with what April has done with these polishes is an understatement. I now see why they are in such high demand. Wanna see for yourself? I won't keep you waiting any longer.

How's that for water marble success? 

Ok. So it's not perfect but for a first time in a long time, not too shabby. I did fail to get the water completely clean with the first dip so some polish did transfer to the tip of the ring fingernail. Still, I'm spoiled for choice in picking my favorite nail. You can still see some of the white at the edges but I'm putting that on the latex - or rather, my poor application of it. For me, tape will be much more precise.

These dry to a matte finish, as you can see but you know me. Gotta have my shiny going on so...

With top coat and up this close, you can see white coming through the color but I'm not going to complain. This was truly a frustration free water marble. Despite that, I did not marble my right hand. Instead, I did a straight up polish with a holographic top coat. You know. Because I can. And who doesn't love holo? These holo-fied - boy, did they holo-fy. Just take a look

I also used a white for the first coat after the base coat. It did take two coats of color to fully cover up the white and where the color was patchy. The pink one really only needed one coat but I did two anyway.

Formula on these is just about as perfect as it gets for neon. Dry time is pretty good as well. 

Once again, hard to pick a favorite but if I had to, it'd  be the purple one on my pointer. I used the holographic top coat from Smoky Mountain Lacquers to get this look. A single thin coat is all it took, applied directly onto the color before top coat. I find the holo blends in best that way without obliterating the color underneath. Not that anything could obliterate these colors.

These beauties are sold out right now on the Pipe Dream Polish site. Apparently I missed the A Night In Vegas restock. Happened the one day I failed to check the site. That's the secret to getting your hands on these. Check that site daily - even more than once in the day. April does her restocks completely without fanfare. Otherwise, I probably never would have been able to have the Street Carnival collection in my stash. 

So if you, too, find water marbling an exercise in frustration, try to get hold of either the Street Carnival Collection or A Night In Vegas. That is, if you can.

Oh, and before I forget...I don't have a FOTD for Friday. I didn't get a chance to do makeup yesterday when we went south again to pick up my Mom. There was so much rain that a last minute decision was made to leave earlier than originally planned. Didn't leave me any time at all to anything with my face other than apply a layer of SPF moisturizer. 

And I may not have time for pictures in the morning before I go meet with my writer's group. If my makeup is still presentable when I get home, I do them then. Otherwise, I'll try to do something special over the weekend. Hmmm. Maybe I'll do that anyway. Saturday is Halloween, after all. 



Anyway, thanks for reading and stay tuned.



  1. So many goodies... so little time! Love the haul, and the nails are fab-u-lous!