Friday, October 9, 2015

Reviewed: October Allure Beauty Box

Happy Friday!

Today I have for you the Allure Beauty Box for October. 

Only a couple of almost misses for me in this month’s box, although I think I might be able to make them useful in different ways.

First up, a blow dry styling cream from Bumble and Bumble.

I haven’t yet tried the last Bumble and Bumble hair product I received but this one does look intriguing. According to the Allure experts, this cream fights frizz, protects against heat damage and extends the life of a blowout. Since I normally wear my hair curly all the time, mainly because I have trouble blow drying it straight now, I might give this one a try to see if it helps.

I received a .50 ounce sample. The full size of this product is 5 ounces and goes for $30, making my sample worth $3.

Next, a hand balm from Rituals featuring ginseng and ginko biloba.

This hand balm is really nice - thick and rich feeling, just a bit on the greasy side until it completely absorbs. The scent is a little stronger than I like and does bother other people in the house so this one will be used while out and about. Aside from the ginseng and ginko, other key ingredients are: glycerin, shea butter, and dimethicone. This one is a minor miss because of the heavy scent.

I received the full size of the product, and it goes for $17.

Next from a brand called Jouer, their Daily Clarifying Treatment Oil.

This one may be a full miss because it’s for prevention of acne, which I do not have. The other option for this product was the Daily Repair Treatment Oil, which would have been better for me, as I am 55 with dry, aging skin. However, with all of the beneficial oils in this sample, I can use this on my nails and cuticles so it won’t go to waste.

I received a tiny sample size, only .1 ounces. The full size is 1 full ounce for $48, which makes the sample I received worth around $4.80.

From a company called Red Flower, I received a sample of their Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser and Masque.

Probably won’t be using this one for a while since I’m still road testing the Philosophy products. This cleanser/masque contains key ingredients like aloe leaf juice, vegetable derived glycerin, grape seed oil as well as chaga, reishi and maitake mushrooms and algae extract and citric acid. Not sure about all those mushrooms, though.

The cleanser has a light, citrus-y fragrance and is very thick in consistency. It can be used and rinsed off immediately or left on for 10 minutes for a mask. The sample size is 32.5 ml. The full size is 260 ml (or 8.8 ounces) and goes for $42. This makes my sample size worth around $5.25.

There were also two makeup products in the box.

The first is an eyeshadow from Cargo.

There were four possible colors available and I got the perfect one for me - Greenbay. 

Greenbay is a lovely pale green/gold color that just shines. I can see this one paired with another, darker green/gold color I have for a look that should enhance the color of my eyes. I’ll definitely be trying it out soon.

This was the full size product and sells for $16.

The other makeup product was a sample trio of matte lipstick from Kryolan. 

Based in Berlin with other locations in San Francisco and London, Kryolan uses science to create their professional makeup line. The lipsticks are truly matte and very pigmented.

Left to right the colors are: Aurora, EOS and Nike.  EOS does look a bit patchy here but I don’t think I captured as much color for the swatch as I did the other two. The product is creamy and the Allure experts state that it doesn’t dry out the lips like other matte products can. I’ll be interested to try these out on my own lips to see if they’re right.

I had to estimate the worth of this sample size and came up with $7 based on the $19.50 cost of a full size of the lipstick as well as looking the palettes they offer on their website. Assuming the size in their mini palettes is the same as my samples, that is. The sample pans look to be nice and deep so I probably have quite a bit of product to play with.

My estimated value of this box is $53.05. Provided my estimation is correct and considering the monthly cost of this box is $15, I’d say Allure outdid themselves for October. While I won’t use every product in the way intended, I think I can use them all.

If you would like your own Allure Beauty Box, you can go here to sign up. In addition to the monthly subscription, they also offer a yearly for $165 and you get one month free. If future boxes are like this month’s box, definitely worth the cost.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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