Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Reviewed: October Ipsy Glambag

Happy Wednesday!

I know. I was supposed to do a FOTD post today but then my October Ipsy Glambag came yesterday and I was too excited about it to wait.  

This month’s theme is Alter Ego. 

Halloween related, probably, considering the dual image on the card but what was inside didn’t seem Halloween-ish to me. 

One side of the bag resembled shiny patent leather, while the other side is a very nice gold.

Kind of wish the entire bag was like this. The shiny patent leather side shows all of the smudges and fingerprints while this side doesn't. However, it's what inside the bag that we really want to look at, right?

Starting off with a liquid lipstick from The Balm.

This is Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipstick in the shade Committed and it’s very much my color. Might have to ignore how messy the applicator is out of the container.

Goes on shiny but dries to a matte that is not entirely uncomfortable. A lip balm on top doesn’t mess with the matte and does give it more of a comfortable feel.

The sample size is really cute and would be worth around $3.14. A full size will run you $17.

From MICA Beauty Cosmetics, I received a cream eyeshadow in the shade Bronze.

Sorry to say, this is an Ipsy exclusive and is not sold anywhere. However, MICA has a mineral version that looks very similar. All of their shadows run $14.95 and I believe what I received was a full size.

Next, is a BB tinted moisturizer from Pur-lisse.

This product comes in light and medium versions and I’m assuming mine is the light since it does seem to go well with my skin.

The full size goes for $32, making my sample worth around $8. I have received other sample products from this brand and really like what I’ve used so far. 

There was also a hand cream from Ayres in the bag.

This is the Pampas Sunrise version and includes essential oils of lemongrass and patchouli. I normally don’t wear anything with patchouli in it because the scent is so strong and musky, which bothers other people in my house.

The full size of this products runs $12.50, making this half-size sample worth $6.25.

Finally, from EAU Thermale Avene, a soothing moisture mask for sensitive skin.

The brand’s website apparently doesn’t actually sell their own products. You have to plug in your zip code to find retailers and physicians who carry the product. I found it on Amazon at a couple of prices that were vastly different - as low as $20.29 through Prime and as high as $109.00, which did not including shipping cost of $8. Yeah, I’d be passing on that one. The average price elsewhere seems to be $26, so that’s what I based my estimate on, making the sample worth around $2.60.

Total value of this Glambag works out to be around $34.94. Monthly cost is $10 and shipping is free. You can go here to join up. The bag includes mostly samples, but I have received quite a few full-sized products. Products range from low-end bargains to higher end, more expensive items. I think it's an excellent way to get to try out higher end products without having to spend a ton of money. 

Oh. One more, tiny little thing. These came yesterday as well.

This would be the Street Carnival collection from Pipe Dream Polish. Still can't believe I actually own these now. Only one thing would make this collection absolutely perfect - a nice yellow, like the one in the A Night In Vegas collection, which I still have yet to get my hands on. 

Restocks in the shop take place without prior notice, so if you want a set of either collection, you'll have to just keep checking every day. That's what I did. The set version of these had already sold out, but I managed to get them individually. The shop is currently closed but keep checking. You never know when you might get lucky. I'll be looking to get Light Of Day out of the ANIV collection - unless I manage to get the whole collection. But I'll settle for Light Of Day.

That’s all I have for today. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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