Monday, October 5, 2015

Reviewed: Philosophy Miracle Worker Skin Care System

Happy Monday!

So, it’s a new month and I have a new computer set up - finally. Hopefully, soon I’ll have improved Internet to go along with it. I’m also trying to get used to a smaller keyboard. HP is apparently trying to emulate Apple with the smaller, less intrusive keyboard. It’s nice to have more desk space, but the feel of the keyboard will take some getting used to. It’s also a lot quieter. Not a lot of clicking.

I’ll also be starting a new class that will run through the end of the year so I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting. I realize that I failed to share the rest of the beauty boxes for September. I have since distributed the products to their proper locations but I do have the pics I took so if I don’t get too bogged down with schoolwork, I may be able to keep up this month’s boxes as well as sharing the rest of September’s boxes. I already have the Allure Beauty Box in hand so that will be another post later in the week.

For this post, however, I have the Philosophy Miracle Worker skincare system to share.

I had already destroyed the insert that held all of the products without considering I might need it later. So you get the picture of the empty box. The back shows the products and gives brief instructions on what to do with them.

And here they are in person.

To give you a little background on me, I am 55 years old and have been blessed with the same kind of skin as my maternal grandmother. Her skin looked like velvet until well into her 80’s. She had the usual lines around the eyes and mouth, but the rest stayed smooth and lovely until she could no longer give it the same care as always. She swore by the washcloth soaked in the hottest water you could stand placed over the face and held there for a few minutes. Basically steaming the skin with the hot washcloth. I used to be able to do that before rosacea set in. Now, just drinking hot coffee gives me very rosy cheeks. However, I do have very little in the way of fine lines and only a few actual wrinkles - mainly on my forehead and one really deep one between my eyes. 

I received this kit on Friday and started using it that night. I still use the Ponds cleansing cloths. I prefer using them for the washing part since they are softer than any washcloth I own. My skin just doesn’t like that roughness any longer. 

After using the cleansing cloth, I put just a couple of pumps of the lactic acid cleanser on the cloth and use that for the washing step.

This cleanser can also be used as a mask, which I did before taking a shower later. There’s no real lather here. Just a gentle cleansing. I felt no stinging or burning, even when using as a mask. To use as a mask, you basically just wash your face then don’t rinse off for 3 to 5 minutes. The consistency of the cleanser is more like a lotion than a cream.

After cleansing, I’ll use either toner I made using a rosewater/witch hazel toner mixed with the Pixi Glow toner or just plain rosewater if I’m doing step two of the process, which is only done at night. The plain rosewater I’m currently using comes from a brand called Elbahya.

This rosewater is preservative and alcohol-free. The scent is only slightly rosy. To me, it smells more like the rosehip seed oil once it’s applied and the smell doesn’t last long at all. I use this at night since the Pixi Glow already has exfoliating properties and I don’t want to overdo it. 

The second step is using the retinoid pads. This step is only used at night - something I’m really going to have to remember.

The bottle contains the solution, which is then poured into the jar containing the pads. The pads are heavily textured but very thin.

They are also quite rough even after having soaked in the solution so I have to use a very light hand when applying. It feels a bit oily going on but seems to absorb quickly. Usually by the time I’m ready to apply the moisturizer - which is the third step. For daytime, I’ll apply the rosehip seed oil instead of the retinoid.

They also recommend using the same pad on the backs of your hands before you throw it away. I've also seen more smoothness in the backs of my hands and will try taking this up my forearms to see if it'll get rid of the way they always look like I have a rash.

After step two, I apply the moisturizer - over the rosehip seed oil for daytime but mixed with the rosehip seed oil for nighttime.

The consistency of the cream is thick but not too thick. It will still flow like liquid and feels light on the skin.

A word of warning - this system does involve alpha-hydroxy ingredients so a sunscreen is a must if you’re going to be outside for any length of time. Use of alpha-hydroxy ingredients leaves your skin sensitive to sunlight, which can cause more problems than the products are trying to solve. Also, some people might experience discomfort in applying these products. So far, I only have that with the moisturizer and it doesn’t last long. The sensation is somewhere between a tingle and a burn or sting. Not too intense - just enough to know there’s something going on. As I said, it doesn’t last long and I have yet to see any adverse effects from it.

I can say that after only a few days, I believe I do see an improvement in my skin. My pores have definitely improved to the point where they are not nearly as noticeable - to me, at least. I’ve seen where it’s not recommended to use alpha-hydroxy products on skin with rosacea but I don’t seem to be seeing any problems on mine. In fact, the one side where the rosacea isn’t as bad, seems to be evening out quite a bit. I’m hoping the other side starts to do the same thing.

There are 60 pads for the retinoid solution so I’m hoping this whole system lasts me for two months. Right now the kit is on sale on the Philosophy site for $70.15, quite a bit off of the regular price of $115. To give you some idea of the bargain this at even the regular price, the retinoid solution and pads go for $75 when bought alone. 

Since I’ve started using the Philosophy kit, I’ve also switched to using the 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream I received in one of the beauty boxes. This is the 0.3-ounce size that goes for $13 on the 100% Pure website, but I’ve found it at Amazon for around $11 and change. The full size is usually around $25 but the smaller size will last so long, I will probably just order it when I need to.

I like how rich and thick this cream is and it applies so smoothly that I can use a light touch so that I don’t pull on the skin. I don’t experience any oiliness and the skin around my eyes does seem to be brighter and smoother. I also love the smell. Some people say it smells like vanilla cookies or hazelnut, but I think it smells like unbuttered popcorn. Or at least like dried corn kernels that have been warmed up. Like those used in the corn heating pads. That smell does linger. My mom even noticed it when I hugged her. 

I’ll definitely post an update later to let you all know how this skincare line is working for me. I’ve also signed up for the ELF Play Beautifully bi-monthly box. I love ELF so much and probably already have most of what they have to offer but I think they do put some of the newer products in the box so I’m excited to see what they come up with for me. The monthly cost is $19.99, but they also offer a 6 month and yearly subscription that saves a bit of money, although you still have to pay for shipping. I opted for the yearly, which is $119.94, with shipping cost added, the total came to $149 and change. 

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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