Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Yesterday's Makeup Look

Happy Wednesday!

Today I’m sharing with you my makeup look from yesterday using all of these products.

Mostly ELF but I used a new to me shadow palette from Wet n Wild called Petal Pusher, as well as my favorite undereye brightener/concealer from Maybelline.

Using a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, I started with my Supergoop CC Cream in Light/Medium, which has an SPF of 35. Since the sun was already out, I figured I’d need something with some oomph to it in order to protect my newly alpha-hydroxied face. I did not use any primer.

For concealer, I used a new favorite, Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in Brightener.

This is the one with the sponge applicator. The product is slightly pink-toned, which does a great job hiding any dark circles. It’s really light so you probably can barely see it in the pic here.

I blended that out with the same brush I used for my foundation.

For additional SPF protection (I hope), I used the SPF 45 Sunscreen powder from ELF. 

This powder only comes in one color choice - sheer - but it isn’t white. It’s a neutral color that blends well with foundation - at least it does for me, anyway.

To warm up my skin, which looked rather pale after foundation and powder, I used the Pressed Mineral Bronzer from ELF in the color Tan Toffee. 

This looks like it would be too dark for me but it blends out really well so that you just see a hint of color when I’m through.

For blush, I used a Baked Blush from ELF in the color Rich Rose.

blush on the bottom bronzer on the top

Again, because of all the brownish color, this looks like it might just come off as more of a bronzer but either it was the brush I used - a stipple brush from ELF - or it's just the way the product is made, but I did end up with more of a rose color on my cheeks than brown. The white bristles on the brush even came up pink.

I like using this stipple brush when I want just a flush of color. It seems to sort of air brush the color onto the cheeks without being too heavy.

I did my brows using the ELF Eyebrow Kit in Light.

This has become my go-to brow product of life. The left side is a colored wax that goes on first and is followed by the lighter powder from the right side to set the brows. At least, that’s how I used it. I then use my usual brow brush to soften up what usually ends up looking a bit dark on me.

For my eyes, because many of the colors in the shadow palette looked pink in the package, I decided I would go with a rosy look to go with my cheeks. However, on my lids, the colors came up more purple. That could have been because I used the ELF Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer first.

please ignore the ugly nails - btw, that's eyeshadow underneath that nail 

This flesh-colored primer blends into the lid and really does a good job of keeping eyeshadow in place. The only creasing I saw at the end of the day was closer to the inner corner where I probably didn’t do a good job of spreading the primer evenly.

On to the shadow.

I started out with the left side of the palette, putting the color stamped “Eyelid” on the lid and little in the crease. Next came the “Crease” shadow, which went on quite light so I used a bit of the “Crease” shadow from the right side. Now, that one is dark. I know it looks black in the swatch below but it’s more of a very dark and vampy maroonish brown. There are sparkles on top but it doesn’t look as if the sparkles go all the way through. It came up matte on my eyes.

colors l to r: eyelid, crease, brow, darker crease

I put that darker shadow just at the outer part of the lid, about halfway across. Even less in the crease so that the other crease shade would show a bit. I used a clean brush to blend it all out then used another clean brush for the “Browbone” shade on the left side. That really eliminated any harsh lines but still let the smoky darkness shine through. 

I used that same darker “Crease” shade as a lower lid liner and smudged a bit at the very corner of the upper lid. There was a bit of fallout from that darker shade so I used the ELF High Definition Undereye Setting Powder to sweep that away and cover up any other smudges there might have been.

Followed all that up with the ELF 3-in-1 Mascara.

The brush in this mascara is kind of odd looking.

That ball on the end is handy for reaching my outer lashes but it can deposit mascara on the eyelid if not used very carefully. I also got some mascara on my upper and lower lid but a clean cotton swab does the trick to make the correction. Although, now that I see the pictures, I failed to get all of the mascara off my lid. Oh, well. 

I used three coats on my top lashes and only one on the lower.

Because this eye look is so bold and smoky, I wanted as understated of a lip as I could get. I first tried an ELF Mineral Lipstick in the shade Natural Nymph.

hey! where'd my lips go?

This lipstick could easily be used as a concealer since it matches my skin exactly. However, it’s also a good base for another color, such as Wink Pink from ELF’s Moisturizing Lipstick line.

 those sparkles do not translate to the lips, by the way.

that's more like it.

Now, before I show you the overall look, keep in mind this picture was taken at the end of the day instead of at the time the makeup was applied. I was running late yesterday morning and didn’t have the time for picture taking. Also, I was running on three hours of sleep so yes, I do look very tired here. And I had watched a clip from Dancing With The Stars featuring Bindi Irwin and her touching tribute to her father. Waterworks ensued, which I thought might have ruined everything but, surprisingly enough, didn’t seem to. You decide for yourself.

Eeek! Lookit all that gray at my temples! Time for a root touch up, me thinks.

And the eyes.

The only touching up I had to do was that inner corner where the shadow had creased and my lipstick. Otherwise, everything looks pretty much as it did right after application.

That’s my face of the day for yesterday. The lack of sleep has finally caught up with me so I’ll stop here. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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