Friday, November 6, 2015

FOTD Friday

Happy FOTD Friday!

Wasn't sure I was going to get this up in time. After the dentist (guess who is getting her first crown - yuk!), the folks and I made the trek into a nearby town for some TV shopping. It is fully dark now as I write this up last night and I am completely pooped. 

But I got this post done so let's get to it, shall we?

This look involved all of these products, right here.

I decided to give the Fit Me another try and I do believe it worked out better this time. I don't think I used enough of the foundation last time. This time I did two thin layers and had better coverage and staying power.

The basics were these.

I also used the Fit Me blush again.

Along with the Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana.

Yeah. Not a bronzer so much as a good highlighter. There's the barest hint of shimmer in here so it's perfect if all you want is a subtle glow to highlight all those places we love to highlight - like the tops of the cheeks, which is how I used it.

Then for bronzer, I used one from Maybelline - the Dream Sun Bronzing Powder Glow in Glow Medium.

Now, this looks all kinds of intimidating in the pan and swatched on the back of a hand.

 with flash
without flash

However, if a light hand is used, it is possible to use this without getting too much. Even if you do get too much, it seems to bend out pretty well. 

I did use the bronzer as contour and the combination of highlight, blush and bronzer came out quite subtle when I was done.

On my brows, I used that brow pencil from Jordana.

I do like how this worked for me. The color was much softer, still with a reddish hue but with red in my hair, that's ok.

For my eyes, after using the ELF Shadow Lock, I used colors from the L'Oreal La Palette Nude 2.

If we number what's here, with 1 starting on the left and 10 ending on the right, I used 8 all over the lid then with an ELF crease brush, put 3 in the crease. A bit of 6 went on the outer corner and in toward the center of the lid and crease. To highlight my brow, I used 1.

Here are the colors swatched on my hand.

 lid, crease, corner

For liner, I started out with just a brown pencil.

Oh, can we stop for a minute and just look at the fire in that thumbnail. OPI DS Indulgence. I posted a pic on my Instagram but I can also do a post here, and probably will next week. This is a gorgeous polish and so fall and....right, back to the makeup.

I didn't much like how the liner looked so I went in with 10 and thought I'd really messed things up.

This ended up really dark and I got too much on the brush I was using and ended up with some very thick smudges above and below my eyes with plenty of fallout. Several cotton swabs later, I didn't look so scary anymore. I did try to deal with the fallout but apparently didn't do a good enough job, as I discovered when looking at the pictures of the entire look. Oh, well. At least the eye look came out looking better than I thought it would.

I was running out of time by this point, so for mascara, I just used what was in front of me, which happened to be the Maybelline Colossal Chaotic lash.

A couple of quick coats later, I was rushing out the door for the dentist.

A quick note before you I show the eyes look. The lighting in the picture I took early on had this weird yellow cast. I did a retake just before writing up this post. You'll be able to see just how well everything wore. 

I love the slightly purple cast to this look. It wasn't intentional, as I was going for a kind of no makeup makeup look. However, several of the shadows in this palette do have that purple cast to them. 

I didn't use lipstick before going to the Dentist because why bother? It would have just gotten smeared anyway. I did however use one of the Maybelline Matte lipsticks in Lust for Blush for the trip out afterward.

The color is bright enough to know it's there without being overwhelming.

The final look with lipstick.

And I forgot to close the bathroom door. That's hundred-year-old paper on that wall behind me and we're in the process of removing it. The removal has left behind a very interesting pattern on the wall and I think I might just let it be once all the paper is gone. If we ever get it done, I'll post pics.

You can see how the foundation and powder did kind of settle into the pores of my nose. Not sure if that was an issue with the product or my application of it. I think I had done some touch up with the powder when I got back from the dentist.

Otherwise, I do like this look. I just need to be more careful with that darkest shadow the next time I use it. It was a bit on the powdery side, as was a couple of the others I used, which were mattes, now that I think of it. The only one with shimmer was the brow highlight and I don't believe it was as powdery. I do think it could also serve as a highlight elsewhere on the face if used with a light hand.

There's your FOTD for this Friday. 

If you also follow me on Instagram, you've already seen that two of the beauty boxes for November have already arrived. Well, the Birchbox is a separate purchase from the normal subscription. I'll have those for you next week. I also have received notifications from Boxycharm and Glossybox so it's possible there might be more than two unboxing posts next week.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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