Friday, November 27, 2015

FOTD Friday

Happy Friday! Or in the case of the USA - Happy Day Turkey Hangover Day!

Today's FOTD is from Wednesday this week. I actually kept the look pretty simple using fewer products than I normally do. I was running late and didn't really have time for doing anything too involved.

Products used:

The basics:

I decided to give the Stay Luminous another try. It did last pretty well except for around my nose and mouth. I think my glasses tend to help with any foundation breaking down at the bridge of my nose but I also saw where the foundation clung to dry patches I didn't even know existed on my nose. The disappearance of the foundation around my mouth was probably from napkin use while eating. Otherwise the rest of my face stayed pretty much intact. 

I did use Reserve Your Cabana, the 'bronzer' from the Wet n Wild Coloricon line, for setting powder. I use the term bronzer loosely because, as I've said before, this one is way too light to bronze anything and works much better as a pressed powder. And then there's my true love concealer. I do like some of the others I have but this is the one I will always come back to. It just does something wonderful for my undereye area. 

For cheeks and warmth elsewhere on my face, I used my go-to contour palette from ELF and gave one of the blushes from Wet n Wild a try.

I used the bronze shade in the lower left of the palette for contour and bronzer then the light shade above that for highlight. That light shade has the kind of subtle shimmer that I prefer in a highlight and works really well for my skin. I did use it before applying blush, a tip I've gotten from watching emilynoel83 on YouTube. She's another 'beauty guru' I follow (and I follow quite a few) who also will give honest reviews on both drugstore and high-end products. 

I used the Wet n Wild blush Mellow Wine on top of the highlighter then used a clean, large and fluffy brush to blend everything together. I really liked the effect this gave and it lasted all day long. Looked the same as when I first applied even when I went to take all my makeup off. 

For eyes:

The palette is the Seattle Baked Eyeshadow Palette from ELF. I have been almost afraid to use these because of how shimmery they are in the palette. That fear turned out to be unfounded. 

I did the shadows just a bit differently this time and I think this will be the way I do my eyes from now on. I did the crease color first then went in with the lighter colors. 

Beneath it all was the ELF eyelid primer, which I set with the WnW Reserve Your Cabana. I have found that if I set the primer with something before I start with color, the color goes on much more smoothly and blends much better.

I used the dark purplish one in the upper right on the outside crease and lid then, on the inside, I used first the second from the left in that top row, followed by the middle one right next to it. For highlight, I used the pink in the upper left corner. For liner, I went back to that darker color on the outer half of the upper lid and smoked out just a bit for the lower lash line. Followed up with the Black Magic mascara from Eyeko - two coats on top, one coat on the bottom.

Used my new favorite brow product on my brows - the Fabubrow pencil from Jordana in Taupe.

And here is how it turned out.

I did get a bit of mascara on the lid just above my lashes, but that only served to enhance the liner so I didn't bother cleaning it up. 

Just used a lip gloss on my lips for some shine, a bit of sparkle but not much color. I used the light-up one from Manna Kadar that I received in that special Glossybox.

The total look:

I think I'm getting better with doing eyeshadow. Lately, I've been able to keep the shadow exactly where I want it and not have so much above the lid so that I have more space in which to use a highlight color. I just loved this overall look and am amazed at long it actually lasted. I did use the L'Oreal Infallible setting spray before applying mascara, and I think that also helped. I'm just about done with the introductory sample and did purchase a full size at the store on Wednesday. 

I will have a couple of haul posts coming up. I received the products I purchased from ELF's recent 50% sale. I used this chance to get products from their new skincare line. Just the moisturizers, not the cleanser or scrub. I've already gone back to using Noxema. I do still like the Philosophy one but since it's been retired, I won't be able to reorder and I don't like the other two they offer. As for scrub - I think I have enough of those that I don't need another one. I have now used the moisturizers at this point and will have a report on them sometime next month. 

I did find some surprises along with my order, things I know I didn't pay for. I think ELF included some freebies to make up for how long it took for them to fulfill the orders from the sale. At least, I hope that's why I got three things I know I didn't order. If not, someone else is missing part of their order now.

I'm also waiting on a second order from ELF, I think on Monday. These are things that I couldn't get during the half price sale - one of which is their new Illuminating Palette. I also finally got my hands on one of the Endless Eyes Pro Mini Palette that has been sold out for so long - the one called Natural. Still waiting for the Everyday palette to come back into stock.

I am writing this yesterday and I hear noises coming from the kitchen so I should probably go see if I'm needed to help. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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