Thursday, November 5, 2015

Haul: Eyes, Lips, Face (E.L.F.)

Happy ELF haul Thursday! 

I love ELF products and own probably the majority of what they currently have to offer. They're always coming up with new things so I'm sure my collection will continue to grow. 

ELF products are considered drugstore even though you can't always find them in a drugstore. My local CVS carries a very small inventory, which is usually picked over. My local Walgreens did have a larger display, but I've not seen it up lately. I mainly get what I buy from their website

They always have some kind of sale or promotion going on and right now is no exception. They have several bundles on offer for way less than what it would cost to buy the items individually. The very best time to shop the site is when they offer nearly everything for half off. And if you order $35 worth of products or more, you can get free shipping. Considering most of what I got only cost $3.00, that's a lot of ELF in one order.

The easily affordable price aside, the quality of the products is excellent for the most part. I've seen a few misses but mostly, I'm happy with everything I've purchased so far.

This haul included a specially priced kit for fall looks. Five products for $6, including one of their best-selling shadow palettes, Need It Nude, which normally goes for $10. The only requirement was to purchase at least $25. However, in order to get free shipping, I had to make sure the total order was $35, including the $6 for the kit. Thus all of the new brushes.

I'll start with the products in the kit, that eyeshadow palette first.

Nothing really new here. It's the price that's the real attraction. Plenty of neutrals for pretty much any look you want plus some smoky shades for some more dramatic looks.

Pigmentation is fairly good on these with one exception.

There is actually a swatch between the gold and bronze shadows. It's that light rosy taupe color fourth from the left. It just blended into my skin so as to be invisible. Probably would be a good blending shade, though. No black in this palette. Just a couple of dark browns.

Again, this palette would normally cost $10.

There were also two lips products in this kit.

They actually do look pretty good together. That Pout Perfecter has holographic glitter in it.

Not too thrilled with the applicator, though. Would have preferred a doe foot. 

The lipstick is in the shade Berry Kiss.

I wasn't sure about it until I put it on.

It's similar to what I usually wear, just a bit darker. And with the Pout Perfecter...

I do like it. Despite the Pout Perfecter feeling thick and sticky when worn alone, a little bit tapped on top of the lipstick feels pretty good and seems to wear well.

Both the lipstick and gloss normally sell for $3 each.

ELF also include a blush in the kit. From their Beautifully Bare line, this is Peach Perfection.

There's some shimmer in this cream blush and while I purposely piled it on for the above pic, even that much blended out well.

Leaves just a flush of color behind with a hint of glow. Very pretty. 

This blush normally sells for $4.

And finally, an eyeliner pencil.

This is in the color Coffee and comes with its own sharpener.

I think it will work well to create that smoky eye look everyone loves.

This normally sells for $1.

Overall, the value of this kit is $21.

Now for the rest of the products I got.

Since Need It Nude was in the kit and since I already own all of the other palettes except for a couple, I decided to remedy that by getting the final 10 pan palette that I didn't own - Everyday Smoky. Since the selling price on this is $10, that's $1 per pan and a pretty good deal considering the cost of some palettes out there.

This one also has some misses in the pigmentation department, mainly that third one from the left. The second one barely shows up only because it's so light. But it'll be a good highlighter. This palette does include what I would call a dusty black. 

I also got two of the HD Lifting Concealers.

The packaging on these is deceiving. You think they'll be long like every other concealer but no. And no, these are not the same color. The top one is called Brightening, which is more of a yellow, and the bottom is Fair, which is more flesh toned.

These go for $3 each.

You can see more of the difference here.

And here.

I think the yellow one will work well for neutralizing darkness in the under eye area. I know using a yellow setting powder works well.

And the brushes.

Don't know why I ended up with two crease brushes but you can never have too many of those, right?

The black brushes are out of the Studio line and cost $3 each. The white one is out of the Essentials line and costs just $1.

Like I said, a lot of products for very little money and the quality, while definitely not high end by any means, is still good nonetheless. ELF will be a huge part of my collection for a long, long time.

Tomorrow, FOTD Friday and I will have one to post on time this week. I have an appointment with my dentist today. Joy. Supposed to be just a cleaning but I never know when he'll decide to replace a filling. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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