Friday, November 20, 2015

Reviewed: Limited Edition Holiday Glossybox

Happy Friday!

I know, I know. This is supposed to be FOTD Friday but since I've been down with a bad cold this week, I haven't gone outside the house. I even missed the dental appointment I had Tuesday to start work on the crown I don't want but can't avoid.

Instead, I have something very special to share today - the Limited Edition Holiday Glossybox that is on sale right now for $40. 

I ordered mine some time ago. It was a special pre-order with a discount code. But even at $40, this box is truly a special buy.

Starting with the box itself...

It was very hard to get a picture without glare - or my reflection as I took the picture. This rose gold is so pretty.

The inside was pretty special, too.

I just love the colors they used. There were even a couple of extra messages on two of the sides.

But you're more interested in what came in the box, aren't you? Well, get a load of all this beauteous goodness!

There are five full sized products here and even the one I would consider a sample size is more of a deluxe sample.

Starting with that lovely gold piece there on the lower left. That would be the Kaleidolight Palette from Aerin.

The idea behind this palette is that you swirl your brush over all of the colors and then apply to the face as a highlight or overall correcting powder. I think they could also be used individually as shadows, contour, bronzer or even blush. I don't think my swatches accurately show how pigmented these are, but the quality can definitely be felt. They are the kind of buttery goodness everyone talks about. I look forward to using these.

Aerin is not a brand I've ever heard of before but then considering the retail price of this lovely piece, I'm not surprised. Named after it's founder, Aerin Lauder, this company offers a broad range of products from home decor to beauty and more. And when I say high end, I am not kidding. The lowest price I saw was $15 and that was for a 1 oz tube of body cream. The most expensive was $1350 for a clutch that included a lipstick and a comb. A little to rich for me but if you've got the funds, why not? Maybe when I'm that rich and famous author, huh?

As for this palette, it sells for $70. Seriously, this will be the most expensive item in my stash.

The next most expensive item in the box is the Nuxe Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse.

No clue what all that means but from the description on the card, this oil can be used for pretty much anything you want. From creating beach waves in your hair to moisturizing any dry patches to a simple perfume oil. It smells wonderful. I tried it on my hands and it absorbed quickly with only a little bit of slip and slide left over.

Description directly from the Nuxe site: "Huile Prodigieuse is France's leading beauty oil*. This multi-usage dry oil, made using six Precious Plant Oils (Macadamia, Hazelnut, Borage, Sweet Almond, Camellia and St. John's Wort), nourishes, repairs and softens skin and hair. It has a unique dry oil texture and a captivating fragrance."

I might even try this on my face. There's plenty here and only a single spray seems to be enough.

Not sure if this is the special holiday edition of this oil or not but the selling price for any of the 3.3 ounce sizes is $45. They also have a shimmering dry oil that sells for $54 for 3.3 ounces.

Next in line is the L'Atelier Maquillage Mascara Keracare in what I assume is black.

I've already got so many mascaras opened right now that I'm not going to open this one yet. Judging from the picture on the card, the brush in this one looks to be a simple spoolie and not nearly as big as some. Whenever I do get around to trying this one, I will report back as to how well it works.

The retail price on this is $30.

Next is the Pure Cosmetics Glossygloss in Pouty Pink.

This is a sheer gloss that leaves a lot of sparkle behind. Can be used alone or over lipstick for more gloss and sparkle. It smells and tastes a bit like toothpaste and there is a bit of a tingle so I'm thinking it's also supposed to plump up the lips. The description doesn't say it but the tingle tells me it might be true.

While the gloss is pretty and feels really good on, the most interesting feature of this gloss is this...

The cap lights up when opened. How cool is that? There's also a mirror on the side. The combination of light and mirror work pretty well together to make reapplying the gloss in any light an easy task. Not sure I'd use this in a darkened movie theater, though. The light is pretty bright. Comes in a push-button version, as well. They also have light-up mascaras and lipsticks.

The retail price on this is $20.

There is also a nail polish from Trust Fund Beauty included in the box. This is Champagne Socialite.

The formula is a bit on the watery side. I used two coats here. It starts out sheer but seems to be buildable. I could have gone a third coat but decided not to. I think this would make a good topper to other complementary colors. It's very pretty and sparkly. Definitely holiday party worthy.

Despite all that glittery sparkle, it removes easily with just a cotton pad and remover. No foil required.

The retail price is $15.

Now for what I would consider the deluxe sample of the box - the Modster Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner in Black from Ardency Inn.

The liner goes on smoothly with little to no drag. I've seen reviews on this that indicate this would be a good liner for the waterline, both upper and lower. I don't usually do that, but I might now that I have this liner. Just to see how well it does work.

The retail price is $19 for the full size. Since this is a little more than half of the full size, I would estimate the value at around $10.

Have you been doing the math? This box, which costs $40, holds a total value of $190. The Aerin Palette alone more than made up the cost. The rest is just icing on the cake. 

In other subscription box news, I did get an add-on to my December Birchbox that looks like it includes a real Beauty Blender. I've been wanting to compare the Beauty Blender to the Real Techniques version, which I absolutely love. The add-on was $20 and includes more than just the Beauty Blender so I thought it would be worth it. 

Not subscription box news but news nonetheless. I just ordered my first Laura Geller products from Hautelook today. Laura Geller is one of the many high-end brands I've been wanting to try. Based on the value, I think I'm getting around $200 worth of products for under $70. Won't ship for another 2-3 weeks but hoping to get it in time for Christmas.

That's it for this Friday post. Hopefully, FOTD will return next week. I'm already feeling much better but still staying in for the weekend to make sure I'm over this thing.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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