Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Reviewed: Love Of Color (LOC) Ultimate Collection by Tati Westbrook

Happy Tuesday!

Yep. You're gonna get a post a day this week. Including Thursday, thanks to post scheduling. Today we're gonna take a look at the Love Of Color Ultimate Collection, which is sold on Birchbox.

In this box are 5 One and Done eyeshadow sticks, 3 Vibrant Matte lipsticks, and a dual sharpener.

This collection is curated by Tati Westbrook, also known as Glam Life Guru. If you don't know Tati, she does honest reviews, first impressions and wear tests of all kinds of beauty products from drugstore, mid-range, and high-end. Even very high-end. She recently posted videos for ridiculously priced, luxury products. If there's a new product out there, chances are that Tati has gotten it and tried it and reviewed it. 

Tati and Birchbox got together to create this awesome collection of shadows and lipsticks that can be purchased separately or in various combinations of collections. I just went for the Ultimate Collection since that is the one with the best value. If purchased separately, the eyeshadow sticks go for $10 each and the lipsticks go for $8. This Ultimate Collection was $46, so you can see the value of it already. But let's take a look at the products.

Starting with the 5 eyeshadow sticks.

 and did I think to position them so you could see the names of all the colors? no!
l to r: On Point, Smoke Screen, Day Trip, Nite Owl, Impress Me 
l to r: On Point, Smoke Screen, Day Trip, Nite Owl, Impress Me

All five of these are highly pigmented and are said to last all day. I have yet to wear any of them so I can't confirm or deny, but I do know that once these dried, they did not budge. Not even if when I rubbed a finger over them. 

Now for the lipsticks.

 total name fail here, too. oh, well.
 l to r: Wildest Dreams, Glam Life, First Kiss
l to r: Wildest Dreams, Glam Life, First Kiss

These go on very light and creamy and are also quite pigmented. Won't stay all day, obviously, but then what lipstick ever does? Not sure about the other two colors for an everyday look but First Kiss is one nude I will be able to wear and still look like I'm alive. The other two are a little more blue-based than normally looks good on me, but I did try mixing Wildest Dreams with First Kiss and ended up with something wearable for me.

If you're interested, I highly recommend getting these as soon as possible. Not sure how much longer they will be available. I don't believe these will become a permanent thing, however, if they continue to sell out like they have been, Birchbox might consider keeping them around a while.

That's your bonus post for this Tuesday. Come back tomorrow to see what I got in my Beauty Box 5.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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