Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Reviewed: November Beauty Box 5

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Here in the US, anyway. Happy Wednesday! to everybody else.

Just a few food related doings to get done in preparation for the big event tomorrow. I am also meeting with my writer's group today so you'll get a FOTD Friday this week. 

Real quick, though, we're going to check out what I received in this month's Beauty Box 5. 

Beauty Box 5 has really been hitting the mark lately with what they put in this box. This month is no exception. There are three full-sized products in here and I'm going to start with the one I found to be the most fun.

No, you're computer didn't just go bonkers. That lipstick is green. It's from a brand called MOODmatcher. While not really a mood lipstick, this does react to the natural chemical content in your skin to change color. Glad mine changed to this...

And the color gets stronger as the minutes pass but stays pretty much this shade, just deeper. Not sure it worked as well on my hand as it will on my lips. 

I love stuff like this. This color changing lipstick sells for $8.

The next full-size product can be used on either cheeks or lips or both. And for you vegans out there - it's vegan.

This is a cream product that looks more like a bronzer type of thing to me. Or maybe I just needed to blend it out more.

For the lips, this is definitely my shade. Retails for $5.75.

The final full sized product is also the most expensive, much to my shock and awe.

This is one of those sheet masks from a brand called Kaunis. They only make two versions of this mask and that is all they sell. I guess when you charge $14.95 for a single mask, this is all you need to sell. For that price, I expect to see miraculous results. Well, not really but if I'm gonna pay $15 for something that I'm going to use just once, it had best be the best thing on the planet. I'll report back on how this works.

The two samples in the box are nothing to sneeze at. 

First, a moisturizer from La Fresh Group.

At half an ounce, I'd consider this a deluxe sample. Especially with the cool cap they put on it.

I really like when companies do this. Makes the sample worth so much more, in my opinion. You get to use the entire thing at your own pace and nothing is wasted. 

The full size of this product is 50 grams and retails for $40. By my calculations, this deluxe sample is worth around $12.

The other sample is actually two, which is awesome - some eye gel pads from Altchek MD.

The full size set of these contains 10 sets for $20, which means each of these is worth $2, making the total worth $4. And I get two uses. Very pleased.

Total worth of this box rounds out to $44.70. As I said, I have really enjoyed much of what I've received so far in this particular box. For a $12 monthly cost, it's one of the better bargains out there. You can sign up for your own here.

Now, tomorrow, after the turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie with a mountain of whipped cream on top (or is that just me?), toddle on back to see what I got from Boxycharm this month. Still the big monthly winner, IMHO.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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