Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Reviewed: November Birchbox - The Normal One

Happy Wednesday.

Today - I have a disappointing box to share. This is the normal November box from Birchbox.

Considering the Glam Life Guru box was worth over $50, I'm very disappointed that the people who weren't able to select that box for November received something worth little more than the $10 monthly cost of the box. Based on my calculations, that is. 

But let us get to the products, shall we?

Starting with the Texture Dry Finishing Spray from Rusk.

This is not my first Rusk product but I've yet to try the others that I have received. This one looks promising, though. I don't always like hairspray. I hate the way it makes my hair sticky and crunchy. Doesn't happen with this spray. Can't speak to the hold yet since I just spritzed it on my hair to see how it dried. The scent is not overwhelming, either. At least it doesn't smell like hairspray.

The full, 8 ounce size of this would run you $18. This is a deluxe sample worth around $3.38.

There was also this little tube of something called Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm.

Not sure there is the same amount of product in this tube as the numbers indicate. Not enough to give this one a good try, at any rate. What does come out of the tube is extremely thick and hard to spread. It's supposed to be usable anywhere on the body. I put some on my lips and it just sat there feeling heavy and sticky. Not something I'd be willing to use on a regular basis. 

A full size of this runs $16.50 according to the info card, which would mean this sample would be worth around $3.30 - if it had the stated amount in the tube.  

I tried to find this on the Dr. Lipp website but all I found was a link to sign up to receive a sample when the product was supposed to release back in October. I'm now wondering if it ever did release. I couldn't find it on Amazon, either. 

Next, a sample of a facial scrub from Christie Brinkley's skincare line.

I do like this one. It contains very fine scrubbing particles that probably are gentle enough to use every day for all skin types.

The line is a bit on the pricey side but not overly so. The full size of the scrub is 3 ounces and sells for $34.95 on the product website. Birchbox is selling it for $24. I used the higher price for calculating the worth of the sample, which is around $3.84.

From a brand I've never heard of, Temple Spa, I received a bath and shower gel.

The scent on this is very potent so I'll probably never use this. My skin can be very sensitive to bath products so I normally only use Ivory soap. I'll pass this one on to someone else.

The full size is 5 ounces and sells for $18, making this sample worth around $3.02.

Finally, the only product in the box that I was kind of excited to see - a popular shadow/blush from The Balm.

This sample is so tiny, I'm not sure I'll be able to use it as a blush but it will look nice as a lid shadow. I've heard so many good things about The Balm products but the price is prohibitive for me at the moment. One reason I was excited to see this. Still, the sample is so small that it's worth doesn't help the overall worth of the box.

A full size of this product sells for $21.00. This tiny sample is worth $1.41.

If you've been doing the math yourself, you've discovered that the total overall estimated worth of this box is only $14.95. Considering the monthly cost of the box is $10, not the best value especially considering the overall worth of the Glam Life Guru box. Perhaps that's why this one is worth less than $15 but that's not really fair to those who weren't able to get the Glam Life Guru box, is it?

Despite the fail of this month's box, previous boxes have exceeded my expectations so I'm not ready to bail on Birchbox just yet. I'm hoping they redeem themselves next month. If my negative comments haven't scared you off, you can get your own Birchbox by going here and signing up. 

May the December box blow us all out of the water.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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