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Reviewed: November Ipsy Glambag

Happy Monday!

Sleep schedule is way off thanks to being sick all last week. So much so that it didn't occur to me until the wee hours of this morning that I hadn't gotten today's post done and scheduled. As it is, I didn't crawl out of bed this morning until 11:00. I hate that the morning is gone by the time I'm awake enough to enjoy it.

Enough whining. I have three more subscription boxes to show you for November plus that LOC Tati Westbrook Ultimate Collection so I'll be busy today getting all those posts done and scheduled so at least I know I've got those covered. 

I'll start with the Ipsy Glambag for November.

This has got to be my favorite bag design yet. I love all the colors in it.


I've seen mixed reviews of the bag on YouTube. Some people hate it but like me, other people love it. The material is nylon, which kind of fuzzed out the design a bit, and the inside is full on purple nylon. Love it!

Also inside, a mixed bag of hot and not so hot. At least, in my opinion. Starting with the hot.

Everyone got one of these and I, for one, was over the moon to see it. (See what I did there? Over the moon? The bag has a space-inspired design? Yeah. I'm in a weird mood today. So fair warning.)

I'm very excited to give this one a try but will hold off until I use up some of the other mascara I've got opened. This is in the color jet black and I've heard this is a really good mascara. Hmm. Perhaps I will give this one a try a little sooner.

The full size retails for $20 for .38 ounces, making this deluxe .14 ounce sample size worth around $7.37.

Another favorite in this bag is the Exotic & Spicy perfume from Aromachology.

This is another item that has received a mixed bag of reviews. It is what I would call a mature scent. Many girls have reviewed this on the Ipsy site and say it reminds them of Grandma. Well, as a woman of Grandma age myself, I love it, so there. 

The scents here are both floral and spicy and include honeysuckle, rose, pink jasmine, peony, gardenia, orange blossom and ginger as well as musk, sandalwood, moss, cinnamon, nutmeg and, wait for it - black pepper.

Now, I do get the top floral notes as well as the mid but when it settles down, I get mostly those spicy notes. Especially the black pepper. And just in case you're wondering, yes, the black pepper part does come across and can make my nose tingle just a bit. At first, anyway. But that won't stop me from wearing this lovely scent. It's got everything I love in it.

While I will enjoy this little sample, probably won't splurge on a full size of this anytime soon. It comes in several sizes from 1 ounce all the way up to 3.4 ounces. Retail prices range from $55 to $100. I estimate this little .12 ounce sample to be worth around $5. Had trouble calculating this one because of the wide range of sizes and prices that didn't completely jive with each other. I went with the middle one, which was $70 for 1.7 ounces.

The other favorite in the bag is a Crown Brush!

This is only the second brush I've received from this brand. The other is a double ended brush that I got in my July Ipsy bag and it has become a favorite for packing shadow on my lid or blending into my crease. This is the C412 DLX Crease Brush and retails for $12.38. 

It sells on the Crown website at a 60% discount, but since I'm not sure if you have to be a pro to get that discount or not, I'm using that retail price to calculate the worth of the bag. 

Now for the not so hot items. Well, one that I did and didn't like and one that I know I just won't use. First the one I had mixed feelings about.

I received one other Hey Honey! product before - an exfoliating gel that I passed on to my Mom even though I liked how it worked. This scrub is really thick and has what I believe are rather large salt crystals in it. You put it on your dry face and then gradually add water until the crystals dissolve and you're left with a lotion type of consistancy on your face. 

I must warn you. Using this on dry skin hurts. I used it on Saturday after not doing a thing with my face for a week. Talk about dead skin layers and rough texture. Whew! This did remove all of that mess and brought back the smoothness to my skin, but I'm not sure I'll use this again as directed. Was just too painful. But at least it worked.

The full size is 2.2 ounces and retails for $23. I estimate this half ounce sample to be worth around $5.

Side note: remember the Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion stuff I got in my August Birchbox?

I loved, loved, love this product. But at $78 for a full size, not exactly in the budget for a purchase. Until this month. Dr. Brandt is having a pre-Black Friday 40% off right now on their website. This is for any full-size product site wide. I got this awesome exfoliant for $46.80 with free shipping. Can't beat that. Also can't wait to use this again.

Now, the one product I know I will never use - a blue eyeliner from a brand called Beaute Basics.

They call this a Navy Gel Liner but it's just a bright blue if you ask me. I'm not fond of gel liners since you have to use a separate brush and all I ever get on that brush is a clumpy mess. Granted, the fault is probably in my lack of knowing how to use a gel liner but I've always just used either pencil or shadow and I'm only now starting to try the felt tip marker type of liner with minimal success. And it's blue. Now, I don't mind using a color other than black but I don't believe this blue would look very good on me. I do know someone who does use blue so I'll see if she would want this.

The liner came with a brush, which is pretty decent.

The combo sells for $9.99. It's just not my thing, sorry to say. There were other products available that I would have preferred over this one, but that's the chance you take with these subscription deals.

Total value estimate on this bag would be $39.74. Not bad considering the $10 monthly cost and still a good value despite the one product that I won't use. 

Want a Glambag of your own delivered to your door every month? You can join up here but be prepared to do a little work to get off the waiting list. Not hard work, mind you. Just some sharing and following. If they still do the waiting list thing, that is. They did with me when I first signed up. 

And you can sort of control what you get every month by reviewing the products you receive. I'm hoping that by telling them I wasn't thrilled with the eyeliner, I might get something different instead next time.

One down, two more to go. Well, three counting the LOC. And we have how many days left in November? And Thanksgiving is this week already?? And Christmas is just around the corner! Time sure flies, don't it. This year has gone incredibly fast - for me, anyway. 

I'll leave this one with you and get on with the next post. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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