Tuesday, November 3, 2015

UPdate: Naked Nails & Face, and Skincare

Happy Tuesday!

As I was working on this post intended for tomorrow, this came in the mail.

So I decided to post the update today. I also had a bonus post ready to go up Thursday, but you'll see that one tomorrow so that I can show you this latest ELF haul on Thursday. Clear as mud?

Let's just go with it and see what happens, shall we?

Since I have yet to receive any November boxes and I haven't taken the time to polish the nails, I thought I'd do an update on how the Philosophy Miracle Worker is working for me as well as a naked nail update. 

First, the naked nails.

That white spot on my left thumbnail had me confused when it first appeared. It was so close to my cuticle that I though it was just that thin stuff that clings to the nails when you push the cuticles back. I scraped and scraped at it and then it dawned on me what it actually was. I've never had one before. It's called leukonychia and is the result of damage to the nail matrix. Not sure how I did that but apparently I did. Just hoping it's not an early sign of something more serious.

My cuticles are also a bit raggedy - something I didn't notice until I saw the pictures. Guess I tend to neglect them when I'm not polishing all the time. Will try to do better.

I am still working through oils from both Bliss Kiss and Sweet Baby. I've mixed them together along with some other oils that I love and then have separate bottles for other, specific mixtures such as rosehip seed oil with a drop or two of vitamin E. I use them when I remember, but I haven't been remembering as often lately. Again, will try to do better.

Now for the naked face. OY! Not my favorite part but a necessary evil.

I am still using the Philosophy Miracle Worker kit I received a bit ago. 

I'm just about out of the moisturizer, but the kit is out of stock right now on the Philosophy site. I did order the Season of Miracles kit that contains the day and night creams as well as an eye cream. Probably won't continue with the pads once they're gone. I just think that the moisturizer will be enough for me right now. I would have reordered the cleanser, but this particular one doesn't seem to be available on its own. I was able to get some free samples with my order so I got a sample of the other exfoliating cleanser they have. I'll see if I like it as well. If not, I'll just go back to Noxema.

And here's that necessary evil I was talking about. Still don't like doing this but...

Lots of discoloration here that I just don't see otherwise. Discoloration and red will never go away, but I can see a huge change in the texture of my skin. I do have a couple of breakouts, but they seem to heal pretty quickly now. Actually I think the one on my chin is an ingrown chin hair. There's a hair right in the middle of that tiny red spot. 

There is, however, one major change that I am really excited about.

There used to be a deep frown line between my brows that made me look as if I was frowning even when I was smiling. That thing has diminished so much that I can see where it used to be only because I know where it used to be. 

I can also see that my brows are in dire need of plucking but look at them lashes. I hadn't realized how much they have improved. Castor oil, people. Every single night. Well, nearly every single night. I've also been using it on my brows and I do believe they are slowly filling in. 

I use a cotton swab to apply small drops for each brow and each eye. If it gets in my eye, it's no problem. In fact, I think it might even be good, especially since my eyes have a tendency toward being dry. Not that I would recommend intentionally putting castor oil in your eyes but accidentally getting it in there won't harm them. At least, I've not heard that it will.

In addition to the Philosophy Miracle Worker, I'm also still loving the other products I'm currently using for skincare.

Still using the Pond's cleansing wipes - the Luminous Clean for morning and Evening Soothe for evening. I also use the original ones in the blue package for taking off makeup.

I do have a tip for storage of these kinds of things. I noticed that the wipes tend to dry out after a while when the sticky begins to wear off of the flap that's supposed to keep them moist. I got the idea to store them in food storage containers that are the perfect size.

The packages fit snugly inside and if you leave the rubber glue on the package, that keeps it in place.

The containers even have little hearts on them and the lids are purple. They keep the wipes moist right down to the last one and stack nicely on the bathroom counter. This is the Kroger brand but any brand of the same size container will work.

I've switched up the toner situation since I've been using the Miracle Worker kit.

Still using the mixture of Thayers and Pixi for morning but for night, I'm now using just pure Moroccan rose water all over my face, even my eyes. The Pixi already contains exfoliant and since the retinoid pads are pretty much pure exfoliant, I don't want to overdo it. 

I've also switched up eye creams in light of the fact that when I use the richer one during the day, my shadow creases something terrible, even with primer.

Went back to Blueberries for daytime and shadow stays much better now. I still love the 100% Pure for night. It's so rich and creamy and I do love that warm corn smell.

I still occasionally use the ClariSEA Sea Salt Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant now and then. 

The Philosophy cleanser does a good job for a daily basis but sometimes I just feel like I need a bit more. Especially when I have some breaking out going on. I'll use this along with the Philosophy cleanser just before getting into the shower 2 or 3 times a week when I'm experiencing breakouts - like now. I'll leave the mixture on for about 5 minutes and end up with very smooth looking skin afterward.

Also still loving the rosehip seed oil as a daytime serum.

I now have it in this convenient pump dispenser and also keep it in the cabinet now. It's darker and cooler in there. I also added a few drops of vitamin E and I do believe it's staying clear a lot longer. For evening, I'll mix it with the moisturizer. The pump makes it easier to dispense - as long as I have the nozzle pointed the right direction. Ended up squirting the bathroom sink once. 

That's the latest update for you. You'll be seeing the above mentioned bonus post tomorrow featuring my brush collection and how I take care of it. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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