Saturday, December 19, 2015

FOTD Friday...on Saturday....Again

Well, hello there. I said it'd be late and it is. And if I sound a bit off kilter, I am. Not feeling my best today and no, I'm not hungover. It was martini night, but none of us that a word? Anyway...

Girls Night Out was a fun, weird experience last night. Starting with the onion rings that weren't, my friend found a hair in her chili and the lights went out. All in that order. 

The onion rings were replaced with fries. Even the manager wasn't sure why they had the weird onion rings. They were actually tiny little strings that are actually supposed to be garnish. Hopefully, they get the original rings back soon. They're pretty darn good.

The hair - well, that's pretty self-explanatory. Needless to say, my friend got her meal free but she was done eating after that. Ick!

As for the lights, we still don't know why they went out. They had flickered once earlier then after we were done eating, they went completely out. So we all sat there. In the dark and in the quiet because no electric meant no music. They did have emergency lights, even in the bathroom, which was good. 

The lights were out for so long that when they did come back on, there was a collective yelp and nobody could see well for a few moments.

We hung out for a while longer while my friends convinced me that I needed to pull out a completed manuscript and get the revisions done already. It was freezing out when we left, but I made it home without encountering any black ice - it had snowed a bit earlier.

Anyway, I got home at a decent hour but was too tired to do much more than take off the face and stare bleary-eyed at YouTube vids. Thus the lateness of this FOTD.


Here's what I used. Decided to do an all ELF face this time around.

And as usual, I forgot to include a couple of things.

The basics (the above powders included).

I used not only the face primer but the black tube next to it, ELF's Hydrating Under Eye Primer. I do think the under eye primer made a difference. I also like that HD Lifing Concealer in Brightening. It's more yellow than my other fave from Maybelline but still does a good job of covering up any dark circles. The Flawless Finish Foundation is in the shade Sand, which is a little dark for me right now but still workable.

For contour, bronze and blush.

Used the usual left side of the contour palette. The blush palette is the light version. I used the coral one on the lower right. It has some gold sparkle to it and is also very pigmented. I ended up having to do a lot of blending to keep from looking overly blushed and ended up blending away my foundation as well. My usual rosiness shone through so I still looked like I'd overdone the blush but didn't have time to fix it. Oh, well.

For my eyes.

The brow kit in light - had to tone that down as well since I was planning to wear my hair back in a hair band. For some reason I can carry off darker brows if I have hair closer to my face. 

After priming my eyes, I set the primer with the HD Undereye Setting Powder then went in with four shades out of this gorgeous shadow palette. This is the Natural palette that came in the All About Nude holiday set I got from CVS. You can also get this set off of the website and it is different from the Natural Endless Eyes Pro Mini Palette. Since I have both now, I've looked for dupes but have yet to find any exact dupes. Just similar colors with different finishes. Good thing. 

Did not use that brown third from the left, by the way. I put the one on the right all over my lid. Not sure what color that actually is. It's kind of a shimmery, purple-y brown. I also used that same color for lining my lower lash line. To try and bring some warmth to my crease, I used that tan one on the left. It didn't show up too well but did give some hint of warmth. The lighter one next to it went on my brown bone.

I used this sort of silvery taupe shade on the inner corners and inner third of the upper lid, right over that purple brown shade.

I used the ELF Eyeliner & Shadow Stick - the eyeliner part - for my first real attempt at a wing. I then went over that with the shimmery black in this palette in an attempt to set that liner. Ended up a fail. The liner was already smearing as I was finishing up my eyes. I did get a pic of the wing but then smudged it away before I left. Not sure a wing looks any good on me. At least this one didn't. I'll practice some more and use a liquid liner next time.

Finished off with the Eye Enhancing Mascara in Black Diamond. For some reason this mascara just didn't work well this time. I ended up with flakes and smudging. Could be the mascara is drying out already. I have had it for a while. I did order a backup - if it ever gets here. Another story.

I did use that new eyelash curler I received in my limited edition Allure box.

It did a very good job of getting my stick straight lashes to stand at attention. Unfortunately, those stubborn lashes didn't remain pointing skyward. But they did for a short time, anyway.

And on my lips, I went pink.

Pink with some gold glitz - well, maybe it didn't translate to my lips but I was mainly after the pink color.

Overall look.

My eyes are always so red but seem to be more so right now. Anyway, I wasn't too happy with this look, to be honest. Cheeks too pink, wing not the best. I did get a late start and was running out of time - who am I kidding? I did run out of time and ended up meeting my friend later than we'd intended. She was later than me so it wasn't too bad. Our other friend was working so we didn't see her until we got to the restaurant. 

Plus I was tired and it shows. My left eye always droops when I'm tired. Not getting enough sleep, I guess. 

Before I forget, I want to update you on my ELF issue. I posted on the Facebook page but in case you didn't see that. 

I had posted a comment on ELF's Facebook page about not being the only one with order issues and ELF actually responded. They asked me to PM the order number, which I did after considering just ignoring them. So glad I didn't ignore. Within a few hours, they PM'd me back to say what actually happened and they had shipped the order priority. Apparently, my order had accidentally been marked as declined but I was charged. The next day, I got a shipping confirmation and then another one the day after for a customer gift. Not sure what that one is but apparently other people have seen the same thing so something nice from ELF. Yay!

So there is your FOTD for this week. Christmas is next Friday! You might see a FOTD then. Not sure what this week will bring but I do have my Ipsy and Beauty Box 5 to share. Still waiting on Boxycharm - haven't gotten any shipping notifications yet but I think they go alphabetically when shipping, mine will probably come closer to the end of the month. I already know what's in it, having watched YouTube unboxing videos, if I don't get it until after the New Year, no big deal. It'll still be the best value for the month. I still don't know how they do it but I'm glad they do.

Ok. I'll stop rambling now so I can get this post up. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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