Monday, December 7, 2015

Reviewed: December Allure Beauty Box

Happy, happy Monday!

The first of the December subscription boxes arrived over the weekend. First of many, I think. This is the normal December box from Allure.

I say this is the normal December box because not too long ago, I got an email from Allure announcing a limited edition box with $125 worth of Allure's Best of Beauty winners for $45. Brand names include Nars, BareMinerals, Beautyblender, Clinique, Benefit, Aloxxi, and Tweezerman. I believe these will also be full sized products. They only had 1000 available and it did sell out. Not sure when it will ship but I'm hoping sometime soon.

In the meantime, let's take a look at what I received in the normal box.

Following the order in which they appear in the booklet, let's begin with the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk.

This isn't the first dry shampoo I've received by Klorane. Haven't tried either one yet. The other one is for brunettes and since I'm more of an auburn at the moment, I hesitate. This one, not so much. I will give these newer dry shampoos a try - eventually.

Full size is 150 ml and sells for $20. This sample is 50 ml and would be worth around $6.67.

Next is a makeup item - a Kajal Pen from Pop Beauty in the color Inky Purple.

Now this is quite different from the normal black eyeliner. I have so many black eyeliners, I'll never use them all. This, however, I will use pretty soon. While it is purple, it's dark enough that it should look nice on either upper or lower lash line. It also has a smudger at the other end.

This is a full size and sells for $10.

Next, something I have been wanting to try and was very excited to see in this box - the Photo Finish primer from Smashbox.

While I do have a primer that I love, I will be giving this a try the next time I do makeup - which will have to be in the early part of the week if I want to have a FOTD for Friday. 

The reason I haven't tried this yet would be the price. A full size is 1 ounce and sells for $36. This is a quarter of that size so would be worth $9. 

The most expensive item in this box is a serum from SkinCeuticals.

This contains all kinds of ingredients for fighting aging - vitamin C and E as well as ferulic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Supposedly, this stuff will improve the signs of photodamage, visibly reduce lines, wrinkles and saggy skin and improve skin texture and brightness. 

This is one of those products that I hesitate to use because I'm afraid it will do exactly as it says and I'll love it. Why am I afraid of this one? Because the full size is 30 ml and costs $162, that's why. This sample doesn't specify how much is in the bottle but I'm going to assume it's at least 4 ml, which is how much other serum samples have been. That means this tiny little bottle of serum is worth around $21.60. Too rich for my blood.

The box also included a body oil from Eau Thermale Avene.

I don't normally use this kind of thing. If I use anything, it's the same lotion I use for my hands. The main ingredient in this is mineral oil, so if you're allergic, steer clear. I can use mineral oil anywhere but my face. Tends to break me out there. This does have a nice scent, though - kind of herbally and not overpowering. The oil soaked in pretty quickly on the back of my hand and left a sheen behind. I might include it in my nail/cuticle oil mixture, though, instead of using it on my skin.

Full size is 200 ml and sells for $26. Sample size is 50 ml and worth around $6.50.

I did get a candle this time, which I figured would happen eventually. This is the Illume Blackberry Absinthe Luxury Scented Candle.

The scents in here include blackberry, orange, patchouli and sandalwood. Unfortunately, the patchouli overwhelms the fruity scents but even if it didn't, I don't use candles where I live right now. Other people in the house are sensitive to that. I would be sensitive to this candle in particular. Apparently, the longer it burns, the stronger it smells. The suggestion is to light it then blow it out after 30 minutes to avoid overkill. It will even scent the room without being lit so I'll definitely be keeping the lid on it until I can pass it on to someone who might appreciate it more.

The Illume site sells many different versions of this and other fragrances. The one feature in the booklet is the Majestic Glass version that sells for $23.50. Because they do indicate the weight, 7.6 ounces, I was able to calculate that this sample size of 1 ounce would be worth around $3.28.

There was also a bonus item in this month's box. The Chapstick Total Hydration lip balm in Soothing Vanilla.

Now, you all know I love me some lip balm. This one goes on smoothly, not heavily fragranced and no taste that I could tell. I like that it has both argan and rosehip oils in it. This would be an excellent stocking stuffer for the lip balm addict in your life.

This is a full size and is sold pretty much anywhere. Prices will vary depending on where purchased but after Googling, it looks like the median price is around $2.99.

Adding up the numbers, the total estimated value of this box is $60.04. Not bad for $15 a month. If you would like to get an Allure Beauty Box of your own, just go here and sign up. They also offer the yearly subscription for $165 and you get one month for free. 

I'm really looking forward to all of the boxes (and Glambag) for December. I've been hoping that the December boxes will be a step above the norm. So far, I'm not disappointed. The one I'm really anxious to see? It's a tossup, really. I'm pretty sure Boxycharm will end up with the win - they always do - but knowing part of what's coming with my Birchbox, I don't know. That one's going to be pretty special as well. So, we'll all see together as the month rolls on.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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