Monday, December 21, 2015

Reviewed: Glossybox for December

Happy Monday!

Almost forgot to do this one. I was enjoying the extended version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on iTunes when iTunes decided to act up and freeze. As I waited for the movie to download so I could finish it, I remembered I still needed to get a post up for today.

I had also forgotten that I'd received Glossybox for the month and since it is a pretty good one, thought I would go ahead and share.

Even the box this month is extra special.

Love the red and white motif with the snowflakes and holly. 

Pretty special inside, too.

All but one of these products is full sized, one reason I love getting my Glossybox every month.

First, the nail polish - from Color Club, this is called Feverish.

I wasn't sure I would like this but once I did the quick swatch, I will definitely be using this for a full mani for Christmas. This is a juicy blood red that dries very shiny. I used two coats here. 

Full sized and sells for $8.50.

Next, the only sample of the bunch - Colorphlex  Leave-In Treatment & Detangler.

For color treated hair, this product utilizes natural grape seed and fennel fruit extracts to protect hair from breakage. Looking forward to trying this one out.

The full size is 4 ounces and sells for $22. This half size sample would sell for $11.

There is also an eyeshadow created especially for Glossybox by Dobner Kosmetik. The container even has the Glossybox logo on top.

This is called Glossy Mauve. Not heavily pigmented but will build to a lovely dusky purple. This might sound terrible but after building it up on the back of my hand, it looked very much like a bruise. Awesome for doing that smoky eye look. Also, not too shimmery, which is something I prefer. Not that shimmer isn't appreciated but too much does look a bit too much on me.

This is also a full size and would sell for $11.

The other makeup item in the box is a mascara from a brand called MTJ.

The color is called HD Black. I refrain from opening since I already have too many mascaras opened already. Once I've used up some of them, I'll put this into the rotation.

Full sized again and sells for $21.

The final item is a hand cream from a brand called Orogold.

This is called 24K Hand Cream. Doesn't mean there's gold in that there hand cream - at least, I doubt there is. Not listed in the ingredients, anyway. It does contain shea butter and glycerin. It's also got petroleum hydrocarbon in it. Fancy way of saying petroleum jelly? Not sure. I know there's negative information out there about using petroleum products in cosmetics. But it does work to keep skin moisturized. I'll leave it up to you if this is a good product or not. I do know that it leaves my hands feeling soft and it doesn't smell so strong that it makes my sinuses irritated.

This is a full sized product. The container says it's 2.5 ounces but the selling price of $18 says it's for a 1 ounce size. I looked on the Orogold website and this is the same container they show for $18. Kind of confusing but I'll go with the $18 for the total worth of the box.

Speaking of, the total worth of this box is $69.50. Considering I'll use all of the products, despite the petroleum in the hand cream, I call that good value. Glossybox remains on my short list of subscription boxes I'll keep when it comes time to renew. If you would like a Glossybox of your own, go here and sign up. It's $21 a month and they do offer a yearly subscription for a reduced price.

That's it for this Monday. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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