Monday, December 14, 2015

Reviewed: Limited Edition Allure Beauty Box 2015

Back to Monday, huh? Well, I suppose it has to come eventually. Hope yours is a good one.

Today I have for you Allure's Limited Edition Beauty Box for 2015.

Allure Beauty Box subscribers received an email from Allure about this box about an hour before it went public. At least, I'm assuming they gave subscribers first digs. They only had 1000 boxes to go around and was sold out pretty quickly once it went public. I jumped on it even though it cost $45. The brand teaser really tempted me at the time. I'm definitely not disappointed in this box.

They included the same brochure in this box as they do the regular box so I'm going to do in the order the products appear in the brochure. There are two sample sizes but the rest are full sized products. 

Starting with the Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry.

This looks kind of dark but it's a lip balm so it's pretty sheer. The picture shows some gold sparkle that I don't see once applied. Swatches out like this...

Since it matches the normal color of my lips, it kind of looks like nothing so I didn't bother with a pic. But I do like this product. It's one of those that I can put on without a mirror and not look too messy.

This is full sized and sells for $17.

Next, something I've been wanting to try and now I can - from Benefit, the Roller Lash Mascara.

I've been refraining from opening mascaras lately but I did open this one since I do plan to use it the next time I do makeup. I was curious as to what the brush looked like.

Since I'm more used to straight mascara brushes, I'm clueless as to how best to use this. Thankfully, Benefit has an instructional video plus I'm sure YouTube has a ton of videos showing how to correctly use this type of brush. 

This is one of the samples. The full size product sells for $24 and is 0.3 ounces. This 0.1 ounce sample would be worth around $8.

Now that Beauty Blender.

As you can see, this one came in different packaging. As you also know by now, I'm not impressed with this product. I prefer the sponge from Real Techniques. I have not opened this one and it's going into the box I'm keeping for...reasons. 

This is full sized and sells for $20.

Next, a brush from Bare Minerals.

This is the Blooming Blush brush. It's a nice size, very soft. Since I prefer a large stipple brush for blush application, I'm considering this for contour/bronzing. 

This is a full size and sells for $24.

The next item is a lash curler from Tweezerman.

I love the color of this - that rose gold looks rich. The rubber part is rounded instead of flat, which is supposed to curl the lashes without the sharp bend. It even came with three replacements. I'll definitely be using this with my next makeup look.

Full sized, obviously, and sells for $22.

Now for one of the brand names that tempted me to get this box. Nars. The color name is Sycorax - any Dr. Who fans out there? Does the name sound familiar?

Not sure if this is supposed to be an homage to Dr. Who or not but I love the name anyway. This is my first Nars product and it would be a black eyeshadow. 

The quality of this shadow is amazing. And have I mentioned it's black. Boy, is it black.

I usually save black shadows to use as powder eyeliner but I might just try this for a truly smokey eye look. 

Now, this tempted me to take a look at what other colors is in this line. Unfortunately for my bank account, I did find several that I would love to have, not the least of which is Pasiphae. Just Google Nars Pasiphae and you'll see why. It's a gorgeous duo-chrome shadow that Nars describes as "shimmering peacock burgundy." The pictures probably don't do Pasiphae justice but they are enough to convince me that I need this shadow in my life. Maybe next year provided they don't discontinue it because they can no longer get the pigment.

This is one of the full sized products and sells for $29. Thus the reason I'm having to wait until next year to get it. 

The final product in this box is from a brand called Aloxxi. 

This is the Essential 7 Oil Dry Oil Shine Mist. Haven't tried it yet but I eventually will - maybe.

I considered this a sample size, however, I did find that they do sell this as a size choice for $8. The larger 3.4 ounce size sells for $25.

The total value of this box adds up to $128. Even if I don't plan to use the Beauty Blender, this box is a decent value. As I said, not at all disappointed in what I found inside.

Still waiting on the rest of the subscription boxes. I've received shipping notifications for all but Boxycharm. I'm also wondering if ELF is going to do a holiday version of their Play Beautifully bag. Haven't seen any sign of that one being prepared, shipped, whatever. Can't even find the option to join the program on their site so I'm not sure what's going on with that one. I'm in the middle of an issue with them at the moment anyway and trying hard not to become disillusioned. 

Not going any further with that because I have faith that ELF will make it right. 

Anyway, with about two and half weeks left in this year, I am planning a 2015 favorites post for New Years Day. Even though 2015 has been my first year playing with makeup, I do have some favorites that I go to more often than not. 

That's it for now. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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