Wednesday, December 9, 2015

UPdate: Cold Weather Skincare

Happy Wednesday. 

Yes. I know. I just did a skincare update not too long ago but as the seasons change, and all that. Plus, no further December boxes have arrived. I’m imagining them all arriving at one time, on a single day. Now that would be an awesome sight.

So, in order to have a post up for today, let’s talk about skincare - mine in particular. Here is the current lineup.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. That’s a lot of products but hear me out. There is a methodology to this madness.

I know we all like our daily routines to be quick and simple but what are we missing by not taking those few extra minutes to really treat our skin to the best care possible? The secret, for me at least, is layers. Or combining some products into a single application, although I have found layering to be more effective, actually.

I’ve already expressed how much I am loving what the Philosophy Miracle Worker line is doing for my skin. 

However, now that the weather has gone from hot and humid to cold and dry, my skin is also feeling rather dry. While the Philosophy products are doing wonderful things, they just don’t provide enough moisture for my skin.

On the other hand, the ELF line is very moisturizing. 

If my skin was 30 years younger, these moisturizing products would be the only thing on my bathroom counter. As it is, my 55-year-old skin needs more than just moisturizing.

Solution? Use both lines, at the same time, in layers.

Along with some additional products:

This crazy mix appears to be working. Here's the rundown of how I use all of these products.

The basics:

Since the lactic acid cleanser from Philosophy has been retired, I’ve gone back to Noxema for cleanser. No more experimenting. I’ll use it as long as they keep making it. Also still using the Ponds cleansing wipes in Luminous Clean for morning and Evening Soothe for night. My toner is still a 50/50 blend of Thayers witch hazel and rose water with Pixi Glow Tonic. 

I put this mixture in a spray bottle and spray an exfoliating cotton round.

Eye cream follows. 

I double up here as well with the ELF Illuminating Eye Cream as the base then top it off with Yes To Blueberries for morning and 100% Pure for night. 

Next comes serums. 

First, from Philosophy, No Reason To Hide for day and Miracle Worker retinoid pads for night. 

No Reason To Hide is new to the lineup. I received a sample of this and liked it enough that when I took advantage of the Black Friday deals, I added it to my order. The basis of the product is that it is supposed to transform imperfections like large pores, dark spots and redness. I've only just started using it so I'll report back on its effectiveness in a few weeks.

Next layer, both morning and night, is the ELF Soothing Serum combined with rosehip seed oil.

The ELF Soothing Serum contains similar ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter and grape seed oil. It just seemed natural to add the rosehip seed oil here instead of mixing with any of the other products.

The moisturizers come next, with the Philosophy going on first, followed by the ELF. 


One note about the ELF Daily Hydration Mosturizer - the pump seemed to be a good idea except for one thing.

This is it. There's no longer tube to get to the bottom of the container. Doesn't work nearly as well as I think ELF thought it would. Considering the tube sits basically upside down, my guess would be they thought gravity would take care of helping to dispense the product. Not so much. I have to give this a good, hard downward shake and hold it upside down and even then, I sometimes have to take off the cap to get anything out of the tube. Since this is cited as the main reason many won't repurchase, I'm hoping ELF makes the adjustment to add the longer tube. The moisturizer is really good and I would hate to see them discontinue it because it doesn't sell.

As for exfoliation, because much of what I use is supposed to already do that, I'm only using one product, once a week for the time being.

I received a deluxe sample of this in a previous Birchbox and absolutely fell in love the first time I used it. Once I'd used up the sample, I figured the price would keep me from purchasing the full size. This is 2 ounces and sells for $78. The only reason I now have it is because Dr. Brandt had a 40% off Black Friday sale. I'm only using this once a week in the hope of making it last longer. It has a delightful citrus scent and is packed with fine particles that seem to work much better on my skin than anything else. My face feels so smooth and soft afterward. Using this has become the highlight of my skincare week.

That's a lot of products to use on a daily basis but it really doesn't take me any longer and my cold weather skin is benefiting from the added products. Not sure how this will change come Spring. Since the Philosophy products worked so well on their own before the weather turned cold, I'm expecting to eliminate the ELF from the lineup. Or alternate the lines from one day to the next. 

That's it for how I'm handling cold weather skincare. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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