Tuesday, December 15, 2015

UPdate: ELF Cosmetics

I would say Happy Tuesday, but it's not so much. It is with a heavy heart that I'm writing this post but because I've featured ELF products so much on this blog, and so many of you follow me, I felt obligated to do this. 

If you are considering ordering from the ELF website, don't. At least not right now. Wait until at least the new year - well into the new year. They are having what appear to be some serious inventory issues right now. The evidence is overwhelming.

They have had so many sales promotions lately that, when orders are shipped, many are missing products. Many of these missing products are not even products that are currently sold out. One can only conclude that there is some kind of miscommunication between the warehouse and the website. Whatever the issue is, people are not happy and I don't blame them one bit.

Out of three orders I have placed recently, one is still outstanding (my own personal issue with ELF at the moment), I have received one and one should be arriving this week. I'm hoping everything will be in that one but anticipate that at least one item will be missing. If it is there, I hope it's not broken. Because of poor packing, many items arrive broken and ELF now states they are not shipping out replacements at this time. 

There's also the packages they've sent out to YouTube vloggers with tons of items inside. It's my understanding that the YouTubers get those boxes at no cost. ELF just sends them out. I'm not condemning the practice. Personally, I would love to know how to get on that particular list even if I don't have a YouTube channel - yet. Still, it seems to me that paying customers should get first choice of inventory since money is changing hands. If we do the math, free products to YouTubers means less products for paying customers.

I have also mentioned the Play Beautifully subscription service ELF has been offering. I signed up for the one-year subscription, but it now looks as if that might have been a mistake. According to one poster on the ELF Facebook page, she questioned if the Play Beautifully had been discontinued and received a reply back that it's on hold right now due to "technical difficulties." 

Add to all this the fact that they apparently have only one warehouse serving both the US and the UK, it's no wonder there's a serious problem right now. Especially with Christmas on the horizon.

Bottom line: ELF is having inventory issues at the moment and may be scrambling to overcome the insurmountable.

You can still get ELF products from other sources. CVS and Target both carry some ELF products. Walgreens is supposed to but mine seems to have given up on them for the moment except for promotional kits such as the Disney related kits ELF came out with recently. 

You can also find ELF on Amazon but pay attention to the correct retail prices of the items. Many sellers on Amazon will hike the price in order to make a profit. I've looked at several products both sold and shipped by Amazon and most were on point with the selling price. Also pay attention to whether or not the product is in stock. If we're having trouble getting ELF products, most likely Amazon will be as well.

As for my own issue with ELF right now, I'm still hoping for a positive resolution without having to escalate the problem up the chain of command. After three emails to ELF with three different reasons why my order is still in limbo, I'm a bit disillusioned but not entirely ready to give up on ELF altogether. However, the order I'm expecting this week will be the last one until their issues are resolved. Even if my own personal issue is not. The products are phenomenal even if the customer service and shipping is on a downslide.

Sorry for such a downer of a post. Look for something more upbeat tomorrow. I found some pretty awesome dollar deals in eyeshadow at Walgreens that I'm excited to share.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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