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Reviewed: January Allure Beauty Box, Plus A Surprise!

Happy Mid-Week!

So, yeah. The daily thing is not working out. Got involved in a project yesterday morning and next thing I knew, it was 1:30 this morning. Well, I did take breaks for stuff like bathroom and food but mostly, I was nose the grindstone with this thing. I'll be going back to it right after I finish this post. 

There was also issues with my internet yesterday. Paying for 10mps, barely getting 1. Le sigh. First world probs.

Anyway, here is the Allure Beauty Box for January.

Quite the assortment, this month's box. I'll use all but one of the products - well, I might use the one but well, you'll see what I mean. In fact, let's do that one first, shall we?

It's a natural deodorant from a brand called Schmidt's.

It's just a jar. No applicator. Which means fingers will be required. I don't know about you, but using my fingers to apply deodorant just doesn't thrill me. I've done it when my usual deodorant is down to the last dregs and I just don't want to waste a bit of it. I might try to get over the squeamies and give this one a try. In addition to lavender and sage, it also contains arrowroot, which apparently works pretty well on perspiration, which is my main issue.

Full size is 2 ounces and sells for $8.99. This half ounce sample would sell for around $2.25.

Next, a product that goes along with the latest trend of cleansing your face with oil. From DHC, their Deep Cleansing Oil.

Now, I will admit, my dry skin screams, "Yes, please!" On the other hand, it strikes me as a bit strange to be using an oil to get rid of oil and other unwelcome substances from your skin. Still, I'm willing to give it a try. It doesn't seem to have any scent at all. I'll try to remember to do an update when I do try it.

A full size is 6.7 ounces and sells for $28 - wow. This sample is 1 ounce and would sell for around $4.18.

To follow up an evening cleansing of the skin with oil, a night cream from Derma E.

I keep meaning to try this but keep forgetting about it since it hasn't been in the bathroom yet. It's very rich and feels quite moisturizing - on the back of my hand, anyway. It does have a very light, Plumeria blossom scent. Contains hyaluronic acid, which is a very effective moisture retaining ingredient. According to Paula's Choice, 1 gram can hold up to 6 liters of water. That's a lot of moisture and that's why I really should be remembering to give this a try. My skin is just crying out for moisture. More so this Winter than ever before. Could be this cream will replace the 30 million products I put on at one time. Ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration but I am using a lot more than just a couple of products on my face right now. But that's a completely other post.

The full size is 2 ounces and sells for $29.50 - another wow. This sample size is half an ounce and would sell for around $7.38.

Another skincare item in this box comes from Erno Laszlo - very high-end brand. One reason the sample is so teeny-tiny.

This stuff contains some fancy-schmancy ingredients but also more familiar things like glycerin, shea butter, and olive oil. One thing it does contain that makes me make a certain face is algae extract. But, like I said about the oil, I'm up to trying pretty much anything - provided there's enough in this little sample to see some results. The booklet says I should see immediate results but we'll see if they're right.

Now. You sitting down? The full size of this product is only half an ounce. That little half ounce sells for $105 -yowza! That means this stuff is $210 per ounce. Too rich for me. Even this little sample, which, as you can see, is a mere fraction of the full size, would sell for $6.30. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

This box also included a few makeup-type items. One, a lip color from a brand called Skinn.

The color is Ruby and it's a blue-leaning candy apple red, what I would call a true red. It's more pigmented than a gloss but doesn't appear to be a liquid lipstick. Kind of a cross between the two. It feels very light on, not at all dry. I do love the color, although on me, it looks a little weird. But then, I never did like how a red lipstick looked on me and this one is one of those in-you-face reds. Guess I'm more used my muted neutrals.

From what I can tell, I did receive the full-size version of this product. It sells for $22.

Then there's an eyeliner from Mally, one of those higher-end brands I've been wanting to try.

This is in the color Black Navy and is a double-ended product. One end has the liner.

The other end has a stiff brush, like the kind used for applying lipstick.

I'm assuming you use the brush to smudge the liner, however there is a lot of play in those bristles. On the other hand, I was able to create a decent line using what was left on this brush after I played around with it a bit. 

The combination of black and navy turns this into a very soft black that will be perfect for a smoky look that isn't so black.

This is also a full-sized product and sells for $20.

And finally, nail polish. From Trust Fund Beauty.

This is one is called Champagne Problems.

When I first saw it, I thought it was a duplicate of something I'd already received but it wasn't. The other polish is called Champagne Socialite and is more of a rose gold color. Sorry. Didn't swatch this one. I'm trying to do a heavy oiling regimen right now - even if my cuticles don't quite show that yet. My face isn't the only part of my body suffering from Winter.

This is also a full size and sells for $15.

That it? I think so. Total estimated value of this box - $77.11. And no, that's not all. I also received this little surprise bundle in the mail last week.

When I received a shipping notification from Allure, I thought maybe their system had gone temporarily nuts. I usually do receive shipping notification for the box either on the same day I get it or a day later. This was a couple of weeks later. Didn't think much more about it until a little white padded envelope arrived with this inside. And these aren't just some cheap samples they threw together, either. These are all higher end brands.

Starting with Bumble & Bumble.

Now, I did try one other product from Bumble & Bumble and ended up with an itchy scalp for a week. Granted, that may have been a reaction from the combination of products, including the skin care stuff left on my hands. Still, I'm a bit leery of trying anything else but I will try this one - after a thorough handwash, obviously. This one sounds pretty good.

The full size is 8.5 ounces and sells for $28. My sample is 1 ounce and would sell for $3.29.

I also received a makeup setting spray from the brand Supergoop! (exclamation point theirs, not mine).

I have their Daily Correct CC Cream that offers an SPF of 35. This mist indicates an SPF of 50. Really impressed and happy see a makeup setting spray with SPF, too. If I combine both of these with the ELF SPF 45 powder, I could stay in the sun all day! Ok. Maybe not but this is still pretty impressive.

Unfortunately, the spray part could be better. Not nearly as misty as the L'Oreal Infallible setting spray. This one is also way more expensive. 

They actually sell this little sample on their site for $8.00. They offer two more sizes - 1ounce for $12 and 3.4 ounces for $28.00. Side note: the L'Oreal sells for $15 to $19 depending on where you purchase it and it works pretty well. Best misty spray I've found yet.

The third item in this surprise bundle is a mascara from Estee Lauder.

This mascara claims to build both length and volume on the lashes. One reviewer on their site claims it gives her that false lash look. I looked at some images and they do seem to prove that out. I'll have to post a follow up when I do finally use this. I've got so many mascaras open right now, some of which probably should be pitched at this point.

Had to do a bit of digging and size comparison to come up with the value of this one. This appears to be a half size sample. The full size is 3 grams and sells for $25, making my half size sample worth $13.75. Expensive mascara but if it does what it claims, it would be worth it for me.

So, what is the value of this little bundle I received at no cost to me? Around $25. Thanks so much, Allure. I do appreciate the extras.

That's all I have for today. Hope your week is going well. I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for a certain, non-makeup related delivery that is scheduled for Thursday. I'll share more later, once it's in my hot little hands. 

For now, thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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