Monday, January 11, 2016

Reviewed (late): December Beauty Box 5

Happy Monday! At least, I hope it's still Monday by the time I get this up.

And Happy New Year! 

I am finally in the home stretch of getting over whatever-the-heck- it-was that got me right after Christmas. Mom has it now. Or had it. She's doing better now, too. I actually went all day yesterday without having to take anti-histamine for the first time in two weeks. Don't know about you but anything that says may cause drowsiness is guaranteed to knock me completely out. I've done so much sleeping over the past two weeks that I should be able to stay awake for at least a whole week.

Anyway, since I'm finally getting a start on my first crown tomorrow (not thrilled, might I add), I'm working to get some posts scheduled for the week. Hope to be back on track next week. We'll see. This was always my worst time of the year for illness. Well, this and through August and September with ragweed. Well, and June with grass. Well, and Spring with everything else. Yeah. I have year-round allergies. 

But enough of that. Time to show you the final two boxes for December starting with the December offering from Beauty Box 5.

Lots to love about this box. Very colorful thanks to the So Fresh So Clean makeup remover wipes.

Love the packaging on this. Will really wake me up in the morning. They kind of remind me of the wipes from ELF. Pretty good sized.

And quite soft, though not very moist. There's 25 in a pack and according to the card that came in the box, retail for $2.99. In searching for where to buy them, I did find them on Amazon but for a lot more so probably won't purchase once these are gone. 

BB5 also include a brush made specifically for them.

This is a very thick pencil-type brush that comes to fine tip. The bristles are kind of long so there's a lot of play when using for blending. Not sure how I'll use it. If sold as retail, it would go for $10.

There were three makeup items in the December box - I love getting makeup items, you know that.

First, an eyeliner from Prestige Cosmetics.

This is the Total Intensity Eyeliner. Very creamy and goes on easily. Intensely black with a matte finish. I would probably set this with a black eyeshadow. Sharpener required. Retails for $5.95.

From The Beauty Crop, their Glamazon Stick highlighter.

This one is so subtle that I had to lay it on thick in order to get a picture of it. Since I can't find this product on The Beauty Crop website, I don't know if it's a new product or what. The picture on the card is much different from the product I received. BB5 states the retail price is $22 but I cannot confirm that. 

And finally, my favorite product from the box - an eyeshadow from Ofra!

This one is called Millennium Bark. It's a cool brown with some shimmer to it. This is just the refill and came in this pouch.

It's the second shadow refill I've received and since I had some other sort of lost children, I ordered this little beauty.

And it's holographic! Love my Z-palette. Now I have an excuse to get some more refill-type stuff. And refills are usually a bit cheaper. Case in point. This refill retails for $12 on the Ofra site. BB5 stated $13.50 on the card. Not sure where they got that from. All single eyeshadows on the Ofra site are $15 and $12 - $12 being for the refills. I'm going with that to calculate the total value of the box.

Speaking of, since all products were full sized, the total value of the box is $52.94. That's what I love about Beauty Box 5. I've received mostly full sized products for my $12 a month. If I had to pare down to just a box or two a month, this one would be a real contender for one of those spots. If you would like your own BB5 box delivered to you every month, just hop on over to here and sign up.

Not included in the above value of the box, there was also a promotional flyer from a food subscription box called Hello Fresh. This company offers pre-measured ingredients for a variety of recipes that take 30 minutes or less to prepare. Delivery is free, apparently. Average cost is around $9 per person. Not something I would normally take advantage of but if you're interested, you can go here to check it out.

At some point this week, you'll be seeing the Boxycharm for December - unless tomorrow's events make me feel worse than I already do. Here's hoping not. I also have the first box of the new year - from Allure - which is a pretty good one as well. 

That's it for today. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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