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Haul: Coastal Scents

Happy Saturday!

I recently spent the last of my Christmas money on a first order directly with Coastal Scents. While I have all of the Revealed palettes as well as the new StyleEyes Trio, I decided to see what else they had to offer. What I found was a decent sized inventory of individual shadows - Hot Pots, they call them - in colors I don't find in the palettes I already own. I have also heard good things about their brushes and decided to try those, as well.

These goodies were delivered yesterday.

What I love about Coastal Scents is the quality of the eyedshadows. Every one that I've tried has been very well pigmented and blendable. Yes, there's some fall out with some colors but for me, pigmentation is the important thing. I'm not fond of having to work to get a color to show up. Don't have that problem with shadows from Coastal Scents.

I have swatched all of the shadows for you so let's get started there. Well, let's start with the whole reason I ended up on the Coastal Scents site in the first place.

I have been on the hunt for a good olive green eyeshadow. While I have several that come close, I wanted that perfect olive green. I saw something on social media about the individual shadows Coastal Scents had available. I always thought they just had palettes. Went to the site and set up camp as I oogled all of the pretty colors. 

Found one that looked promising but it was sold out. Then I found it in the palette you see here.

The fact that there were a few other, eye catching colors in the palette sealed the deal.

There are only two mattes in this palette - although, the black one has a subtle bit of glitter in it that doesn't show when applied. 

And they swatch like a dream.

Top row, left to right: Chamois Nude (matte), Bright Copper, Dark Golden Olive (yes!), Light Apricot. Middle row, left to right: Kiwi Green, Deep Cantaloupe, Regalia Purple, American Rose. Bottom row, left to right: Cherry Chocolate, Raisin Berry, New Penny, Gunmetal (matte?).

The palette is on sale right now for $12.95, with a list price of $16.95. Even at the list price, it's a good value. The individual Hot Pots sell for $1.95 each and the empty 12 pan palette sells for $5.95. If purchased separately, the cost of the palette would be $29.35. 

They also offer empty palettes with 28 pans and 4 pans as well as a Go Pod that holds a single Hot Pot shadow. The 12 and 28 pan palettes come in a choice of clear lid or lid with mirror. My palette came in the mirror version.

If you prefer to create your own palette, there are over 400 colors to choose from at $1.95 each. I picked out 8 for this order. Got 7 out of the 8 and one that I think may have been intended as a replacement for one that was out of stock by the time they filled my order. Or somebody made a mistake. Either way, I do like the color.

They fit nicely in my Z-Palette, which will hold up to 21. 

And in case you wonder how I'll know the colors after tossing the plastic cases...

So appreciative of this. I have other singles from another brand that apparently does not do this but it will be helpful for reordering the same color later.

Swatches are as follows:

Top row, left to right: Forest Eve, Grape Vine, Gunpowder, Coral Treasure. Bottom row, left to right: Tuscan Terra Cotta, Tea Rose Pink, Antique Lilac, Calypso.

Calypso is the surprise one. I had ordered one called Miami Spice that is a sort of brownish mauve with what look like light blue glitter. As I said, I do like Calypso so I'll just reorder Miami Spice. No biggie.

In addition to all this, Coastal Scents included a 4 shadow sampler with my order.

And they are quite vibrant, as you can see in these swatches.

From top left - Solar Flare, Vibrant Green, Vibrant Plum and Capri Blue. Not sure about the yellow on me, though. Tends to make me look sickly but it might work mixed in with something else.

The brushes I ordered along with the shadows are about as nice as some of the more pricey brushes I've received in subscription boxes. Prices on the Coastal Scents brushes are a bit higher than say, ELF, but not by much.

Fan brushes baffled me at first until I saw how they can be used. I do have two from ELF but they are the thinner versions that work well for applying highlighter. I also wanted to see how a fluffier version would work so I got this one.

I am not kidding when I say this thing is fluffy.

The bristles are natural hair of some sort and does have a bit of an odor. Not a bad odor but it does have one, which I've heard is normal for natural hair bristles. Cost of this brush is $6.95.

I also picked up a couple of the Coastal Scents blending brushes.

Don't know about you, but I seem to always be digging around for a clean brush to use for blending shadows together. I like the size of these and they should do the job nicely. They are made of goat hair and very soft. Cost was $4.95 each.

The other brush I got is a flat, kabuki style.

If I'm going to use a brush to apply foundation, I prefer this type. This one replaces one on which the ferrule is quite loose and I'm reluctant to continue using it. Any additional washing just might destroy what glue there is left. Cost was $6.95.

All in all, I am very happy with this order and will definitely revisit the site for more. Still want that Miami Spice shadow.

If you would like to check out Coastal Scents, follow this link. They do offer more than shadows but I haven't had an opportunity to try their other products. Yet.  

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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