Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My First Urban Decay - The Vice 4 Palette!

Happy Wednesday!

I couldn't wait any longer. I finally have my first Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. This one normally goes for $60 but I found it on sale for $39 and used some Christmas money to get it. Forgive me if I go way in depth on this one.

The palette comes in its own bag that has the same design but in holographic.

The palette itself has a raised design that changes color depending on the light. 

The one thing I noticed as soon as I opened it was how the design on the front reflects some of the same colors that are inside.

My picture doesn't do these colors justice. Lots of jewel tones in here along with some warmth. 

Now for swatches. These are the four colors on the vertical from left to right.

l to r: Bones,  Framed, Discreet, Bitter

These are the least glittering in the palette, mostly matte or matte looking once applied. No real highlight colors but plenty of transition shades here. I've been looking forward to using Bitter. I've seen so many eye looks with cool toned lids and warm crease. 

l to r: Grip, Fast-Ball, Grasshopper, Flame

Look at Grasshopper! Very green. And so shiny! I can see Flame and Fast-Ball working together.

l to r: Deadbeat, 1985, C-Note, Low

Really loving the greens and purples in this palette. Although 1985 is more of a hot pinky purple than a pure purple.

l to r: Beat Down, Underhand, Arctic, Crowbar

Beat Down! Blurple with a bit of duo-chrome going on. And speaking of duo-chrome - Underhand, anyone? Crowbar will definitely be another favorite. Not sure how Arctic will look on me but I think I can make it work.

l to r: Pandemonium, Harlot, Robbery, Delete

Four neutrals that might actually work together. Delete is one of the few mattes in this palette. That lovely chocolate brown.

Pigment on these babies couldn't be better. They are soft and buttery but also a bit on the powdery side. Kind of goes along with the soft thing. I'm really looking forward to using this palette.

I've also done a comparison with ELF's Artistry eyeshadow palette. Here's a hint: there are no color dupes but palette design - a huge, very usable mirror that I forgot to mention, eyeshadow formula and pigment, I would call them dupes. The ELF palette even comes in its own bag that can be used for storing the palette or any other makeup. I think the two together will give me tons of different looks. What one doesn't have color-wise, the other does. A perfect pairing.

Along with the Vice 4, I also received a sample size of the Urban Decay Revolution High-Color Lipgloss. 

There are 14 shades available, including the one I received, Scandal.

Scandal is a glossy, hot pink. The sample packaging so cute.

The color is very bright and well pigmented.

It will go nicely with a jewel toned eye look.

As I said, I found this on sale on the Urban Decay site for $39. Don't know how much longer it will be that way so if you want one for yourself, might want to get it sooner rather than later. Then again, as of this writing, both Sephora and have the same price on the palette. Lots of options to buy if you're interested. I highly recommend it and look forward to owning more of Urban Decay's beautiful palettes. Although, since I already have so many Naked dupes, I will probably pass on those palettes.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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