Saturday, February 20, 2016

Nails: Wet N Wild Spoiled First Class Only

Happy Saturday!

I have more nails for you. Yesterday's manicure chipped pretty early on. It might be my older bottle of Orly Bonder that had gone thick and I used thinner. I really need to get a new one.

Decided on blue nails this time and went stash shopping. Found this one and thought, "Why not?" As things progressed, I realized why  not.

From the Wet N Wild Spoiled line, this is First Class Only.


First Class Only is a pretty electric blue with a light blue shimmer and in the right light, some holographic flashes. 

without flash

It also has a lovely purple shift that is hard to capture but I tried.

While I love the color and the shimmer/shifting qualities, I had forgotten what nightmare the Spoiled line is to use.

First, there's the crappy brushes.

Wide and thick, more like a mop than a brush and cut so uneven it's hard to control where the polish goes. This one was especially wonky. Even leaned slightly toward the side.

The formula is just as crappy. It gets thick really quickly and with the mop of a brush it was just too hard to get an even coat. Though you can't see it in the pics, there are numerous bald spots on these nails, even after three coats. The last coat was so thick that, as I write this at 5:00 pm Friday night, the polish is taking ages to dry even with a quick dry top coat. 

Thickness also made it hard to clean up the mess it made of my cuticles. The polish just ridged up instead of being swiped away. Just a complete mess. I'm hoping it'll fully dry by the time I go to bed so I don't have sheet marks. Thankfully, I probably have several of this same type of color and finish in other brands because I do really like the way this looks.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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