Thursday, February 18, 2016

Reviewed: Birchbox's Alternative Choice For February

Happy Thursday!

Today I have the other Birchbox choice for February.

Lately, Birchbox has been doing this sample/box choice, which has been a bit iffy for me. I have participated in making choices and when I do, I seem to get better boxes. I didn't make the choice for February and got a pretty decent box. In fact, I liked one of the items well enough that I decided to use my points to get the full sized version. Then I saw the February box choice and decided to get it as well. With my $10 in points, I basically got it for free.

That's one of the advantages of having a Birchbox subscription. They have many ways you can earn points that translate into actual dollars. It's a good way to get some of the more pricey items at a reduced cost. 

So, the other box choice for February was entitled: "Date Night."

And inside, items to make you look fabulous for your date night.

There is a perfume sample in here but not one that I would wear.

From Catherine Malandrino, this perfume is called Romance de Provence.

And this stuff is strong. Everything in the box smells like this perfume and it did not appear to have leaked. It's got powder musk, amber, and patchouli in it, which really overpowers the other fragrances of jasmine, orange flower, rose, violet, and lily. Leave out the stronger scents and this might be a nice perfume. As it is, I'll either pass it on or pitch it.

Comes in various sizes from 1 ounce to 3.4 ounces and sells for $65 to $110 depending size. This sample is .06 ounces and would be worth around $2.82.

Now for the items I did like.

Got another bottle of the Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray.

I've already posted how much I like this product. I now have a curling wand so I'm anxious to see if this will help curls stay. My hair may have a natural wave to it but curls done with some kind of heat tend to fade quickly. 

This is the 1 ounce sample size. A full size is 8 ounces and sells for $24, making my sample worth around $3.

From Whish, their Renewing Mud Mask.

Along with the Amika, this is another product that prompted me to go ahead and spend my points on this alternate February box. I have a body butter from this brand that I am currently loving. I also like using mud masks so this was a no brainer. Really looking forward to trying this out.

The full size product is 2 ounces and sells for $44. My half ounce sample size would be worth $3.

The two makeup items in the box also caught my attention.

From Cynthia Rowley Beauty, the Brightening Illuminator.

Available exclusively at Birthbox, the sample came in this cardboard folder that had instructions on how to use the product inside.

The product looks a little intimidating when first applied.

But after fully blending it in, it left a soft glow behind.

I will be interested to see what this looks like on my face. I'm more used to powder highlighters so this will be an experience.

The full size of this product is .11 ounces and sells for $28. My sample is .04 ounces - which is plenty since a little goes a long, long way - and would be worth around $10.18.

The other makeup product is another one that intimidates me just a bit. Not only because of the color but also because I have no clue how to apply this stuff. It's a lip tar from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

The tube is tiny and I tend to squeeze out more product than it probaby needed.

This is supposed to be a matte and it probably will dry down matte. I just have way too much here. Birchbox has a video demonstrating how to use this so I'll watch that before I attempt putting this on my lips. It does seem to stain a bit.

This comes in a .14  ounces size and sells for $16. This tiny sample is only .08 ounces and would be worth around $9.14.

Seeing as how this is one of the 'curated' boxes, I wasn't surprised that the total value came to $36.14. The curated boxes usually are worth more than the regular box. However. If you'll recall my post with the regular box, it was worth $51.15. Now that does surprise me. Guess I'll continue to see what Birchbox comes up with in the next few months before time for renewal. 

If you would like to try Birchbox, you can go here to sign up. Cost is $10 a month with a yearly sub price of $110, 12 months for the price of 11. Right now, when you sign up you can get a free, full-sized Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick in the color Copper Rose using the code MALLYGIFT. This is not an affiliate code for me, by the way. Just what I found on the Birchbox site.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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