Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reviewed: February Allure Beauty Box

Happy Tuesday!

The Allure Beauty Box is pretty much always the first box I get. In fact, I got this one on Feb 1st. Then that afternoon, I received the shipping notification, which I always find so funny.

Here is the box I received for February.

Seven products, two which are full-sized. No makeup. Okay. Not bad. Not the best, though. But let's take a closer look.

There is a perfume in here - that gold box in the upper left corner. 

From Bvlgari, their Omnia Paraiba perfume. 

The name is inspired by the Paraiba tourmaline from Brazil. The scent does not make me want to sneeze, which is a good thing. On me, it has a sweet, flowery fragrance. The main notes are bigarade orange, passion fruit, passion flower, Brazilian gardenia, cocoa beans and vetiver essence. Vetiver is a grass that grows in tufts and has brownish-purple flowers.

I really like this perfume and it is one I will wear on occasion. It comes in 3 different sizes as an eau de toilette spray, and then as a body lotion. The 2.2 ounce spray sells for $82. My sample is 0.17 ounces and would be worth around $6.34. The body lotion is 3.4 ounces and sells for $35.

There was also a breath spray from a brand called Hello.

There were three possible flavors - Mojito Mint, Pink Grapefruit and Supermint. I received the Supermint flavor. Comes in a cute, little sprayer that spritzes just enough to get the breath freshened. The mint part isn't too strong, either. 

This is one of the full-sized products and sells for $3.79.

From one of my favorite skincare brands, Pur-Lisse, I received the Daily Lip Nourisher.

This is a light lip balm with mango and shea butter and is petroleum free. However, it does not seem to taste like mango. At least, I don't notice any taste. It applies with the typical built-in applicator or you can squeeze a bit onto the tip of your finger and apply that way, which is what I usually do. I can rub it in a lot better that way. It does leave the lips feeling soft and moist. This would be a good one to apply before starting makeup application so that it can absorb as much as possible before applying lipstick.

This is the other full-sized product and sells for $16.

Got another hand cream, which I don't mind at all. This one is from Skinfix.

This is the Ultra Rich Hand Cream and it certainly feels ultra rich. The thickish cream applies easily and has that unscented scent, if you know what I mean. While it doesn't leave a stickiness or greasiness behind, you can tell you have something on your hands.

It contains coconut oil and vitamin E along with a lot of other ingredients known for easing dryness and helping damaged skin to heal. It also contains petrolatum, so be warned about that. I don't have a problem with that ingredient but I know some people might.

This is a 1 ounce sample. The full-size is 3 ounces and sells for $9.99, making my sample worth around $3.33. 

Also received some hair care products from Kevin Murphy. 

I've previously received a styling product from this brand but haven't used it yet. Now that I have a matching shampoo and conditioner, I might give these a try next time I wash my hair. 

The scent is light and slightly herbally. Both contain bergamot so be warned if you have issues with that scent.

These are good sized samples at over an ounce each. Full sizes of the products are 8.4 ounces and sell for $27.50 each. My samples would be worth around $4.40 each for a total of $8.80. Sounds like these are mostly available at salons. I did find several online sources, however, the cost might be more that way.

And finally, I received a small sample of Lancome's Visionnaire Nuit Beauty Sleep Perfector Advanced Multi-Correcting Gel-In-Oil (whew! now there's a mouthful).

And I'm not kidding when I say small. This is just a hair over one tenth of an ounce. Probably not enough to really give me any idea how it'll work but I might get two uses out of it. Comes out of the tube as a semi-opaque gel that transforms into an oil as it is applied. A little does seem to go a long way so maybe 3 uses? It has a light scent that is very pleasant.

This stuff is expensive, though. It costs $88 for 1.7 ounces, which means this little sample is worth around $5.23. I'll enjoy those three uses while they last.

All told, the worth of this box comes to around $43.49. The monthly cost is $15. While it is a good box with seven products, it is worth a bit less than I'm used to seeing from Allure. Still, this is one of the boxes up for renewal consideration.

If you would like to check out the Allure Beauty Box for yourself, just go here and sign up. They do have a quiz you can take to let them know what kinds of products would work for you but I'm not sure it matters all that much. When I watch unboxings on YouTube, everyone seems to get the same products all the time. 

And when I go to look at my beauty profile, it comes up blank so I'm not sure it really does any good. Still, I can count on one hand the number of products I've received that I absolutely can't use so it's still worth it.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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