Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Reviewed: February Beauty Box 5

Happy Tuesday!

I had intended to have this up yesterday but...let's just say Sunday got away from me and I didn't remember until I was just about to go to bed - at 4am Monday morning.

When I posted the box on Instagram, I said I wasn't feeling it. One reason being that this is the month Beauty Box 5 turns 4 and they have hyped this month's box in a way that made me think it would contain more than the usual 5 products. Somehow, I thought I read there would be 7. Can't find that anywhere now so perhaps I dreamed it. They did mention bonus items on their FaceBook so maybe I got the idea from there.

Anyway, let's get on with the box and you can decide for yourself if it's as awesome as hyped.

I knew about one of the items already, so let's start with that one.

From Manna Kadar Beauty, a product that does triple duty.

This is the 3 in 1 Shadow, Highlight, and Blush in the color Fantasy. As you can see, it is quite reflective. No sure I'd use it as a blush or highlight but will definitely use as eyeshadow. It's not particularly soft so it will not kick up much in the way of powdery fall out, which is good. It's also nicely pigmented with almost a duo chrome finish. 

This is a full sized product and sells for $19.

To keep this lovely shadow in place, BB5 also included an eyeshadow primer from Elizabeth Mott.

The primer is that sort of pink flesh color that blends into a soft, almost powder-like coverage and has a bit of sheen to it. I'll use this next time I do a full face makeup and let you all know how well it works. I've heard some pretty good things about it but will it do as well as my beloved ELF eye primer? We'll see.

The full size of this product is 0.35 ounces and sells for $20. This sample is 0.17 ounces and would be worth around $9.71. 

I also received a lip liner from Starlooks.

This is in the color Sultry Sangria. It goes on very easily and is matte with a bit of shimmer. Definitely my color.

Also a full sized product and sells for $16.

There are also two hemp oil products in this box. I've never used anything with hemp in it before. At least, I don't think I have. Both are full sized, although I wasn't sure about the one until I researched it.

First, a lip balm made with hemp oil - from a brand called Epic Blend.

This is your typical lip balm except that this one feels very rich and creamy. I don't notice any flavor to it despite the raspberry and pomegranate noted on the tube. My lips feel moisturized and comfortable after use. 

This products sells for $3.49.

The other hemp oil product is a body wash from a brand called Hemp Nation.

This is marked on the card as a full size product, which I initially found hard to believe. At only 2 ounces, this seemed more like a deluxe sample size to me. It's not. It's actually a travel size and the $7.99 retail price on the card is correct according to what I found online. The 8-ounce size sells on Amazon for $11. Quite the expensive body wash. 

It does smell nice with that light kiwi/mango scent. So I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Total value of the box is $56.19. I have to say, now that I've delved a little deeper, I'm feeling better about this month's box. I guess I bought into the hype that this month's box would be extra special. Just seems like a normal box to me, which is okay. 

All in all, I have liked pretty much everything I have received so far. It's a great way to get to try new products from brands I've never heard of. That's the best advantage of the Beauty Box 5 subscription, I think. They tend to find the most interesting and, many times, unusual items. Items it would never occur to me to go out and buy.

If you would like to try Beauty Box 5, you can go here to sign up. There are three subscription options - monthly, quarterly, and yearly. The yearly is the best value overall.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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