Friday, February 12, 2016

Reviewed: February Birchbox

Happy Friday!

Today I'll be sharing what I received in my Birchbox for February.

It's occurred to me that I haven't been giving the actual box equal time. Lately, the boxes themselves have been pretty and this month is no exception.

I really like the color - it's showing a little more pink in the photo but it's actually more like a cantaloupe color in real life. Looks spacey even though some of the "planets" are makeup items.

And inside the box...

So, we all know how critical I've been of Birchbox lately, mainly because the value isn't quite up to the standards of Ipsy or Beauty Box 5, both of which are comparable in monthly subscription cost. This month, however, even though I initially wasn't all that excited with what was in the box, they did manage to outdo themselves in value. Although, there is one item in here that I will definitely not be using.

Starting with the item I was most excited to see - a lipstick from Pop Beauty.

This packaging is so cute. Packaging on the lipstick itself is pretty nice as well.

It looks big - wider at the top and bottom than it is in the middle. The product, however, is normal sized.

This is from the Matte Velvet Lipstix line. The color is Satin Rose. 

It does feel a bit drying on the lips - it is a matte, after all. But some lip balm over top takes care of that without messing too much with the matte finish. It's not one of those mattes that won't budge, though. My coffee tumbler has a definite lipstick ring at the moment. 

Birchbox is selling this color as part of a full-sized trio for $24, which is half off the full cost for the three. Individually, the lipstick sells for $16, which is what I used to calculate value since I would be paying full price if I wish to purchase any more of these.

I received another hair care product from Amika, a brand I'm beginning to grow fond of.

This is the Bomshell Blowout Spray with sea buckthorn berry. The scent of this one is nice, not overpowering. The label states it can be used on dry hair for a light hold or restyling. I just used it with a bit of scrunching with wet hands to revive my slept on, slightly curly hair. While it didn't give me ringlets, I have that beach wave action going on. Will definitely be adding this to my hair styling arsenal.

The full size is 8 ounces and sells for $24. This 1 ounce sample would be worth around $3.00.

I also received a moisturizer from a brand called Naobay.

Made in Spain, this is a rich, moisturizing cream with a light, citrus scent. It contains both avocado and olive oils as well as rosehip oil and sweet almond oil. I also see shea butter and chamomile extract among the ingredients. The company claims that 98.85% of the ingredients are of natural origin and that 20% of the ingredients come from organic farming. Those ingredients are identified by a * in the ingredients list. I counted 6 * on the bottle. 

As to the value of this sample - according to everything I'm finding, a full size of this product is 1.7 ounces or 50 ml and it sells for $36. This sample looks to be 1.01 ounces or 30 ml, which makes it worth around $21.60. Basically, this is nearly a full sized product and a pretty expensive one at that. 

Have to admit, I'm kind of impressed. Birchbox may be stepping things up now that some of us are letting them know that we've not been all that happy with what they've been sending out recently.

The other surprise, worth-wise, in this box is the tiny sample from the new product line Birchbox is touting, Arrow.

I was at first very disappointed in this sample. I knew we were getting something from the line this month but I had hoped they would spring for a full size to get us interested. This is definitely not the full sized product. Then I squeezed some out - which wasn't easy because this tube does not appear to be as full as it could be.

Took one look at this and thought, "No way! I'm gonna  look like Bozo the clown after putting this on."

Okay. So it blends nicely and I had actually squeezed out too much. Maybe half would have been better. This will give the cheeks a nice flush that will last. Even after using a makeup wipe, I could still see a bit of stain on my hand. 

The full size comes in a hard plastic tube with a brush on the end to apply the product. It's .09 ounces and sells for $18. This sample is almost half sized and would be worth $8. Perhaps I have judged too harshly on this one.

And finally, the product I will definitely not be using - a perfume from a brand called Etat Libre d'Orange.

It's called Remarkable People.

Birchbox calls this one "an intriguing scent with notes of fruit, spice, florals, and champagne." I call it way to strong for me. This one doesn't just call my name, it screams at a deafening level. Sorry but pass.

One of the size options for this one is 50 ml and it sells for $85. This sample is 1.5 ml and would be worth $2.55.

Now for the math portion of this post. Been keeping count? I am amazed to report that the value of this box in an amazing (I know - repetitive) $51.15. Much, much better. More like what it was in the beginning but still reserving final judgment. 

If you would like to see what Birchbox might send you, you can go here to sign up. Cost is $10 a month with a yearly sub price of $110, 12 months for the price of 11. Right now, when you sign up you can get a free, full-sized Mally Evercolor Shadow Stick in the color Copper Rose using the code MALLYGIFT. This is not an affiliate code for me, by the way. Just what I found on the Birchbox site.

They also offer a box specifically for men at monthly cost of $20. Is it wrong to be a little bit pleased that the guys have to pay twice as much for a change?

And one more thing. Remember how I said I wanted to go back for the rest of the Maybelline Color Tattoo crayons?

l to r: Barely Beige, Pink Parfait, Lavish Lavender, Lilac Lust, 
Bronze Truffle, Creamy Chocolate, Audacious Asphalt, 
Grey Crystal, Gold Rush, Charcoal Chrome

Just couldn't help myself. Each one of these colors is phenomenal. They all go on creamy, stay put once set and are so pretty. Yes, I'm weak. So very, very weak.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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