Thursday, February 4, 2016

Reviewed: January Beauty Box 5

Happy Thursday!

Today I have the Beauty Box 5 for January.

The theme for January was, "You can get away with almost anything if your hair is styled and your nails are on point." Six products, half for hair and half for nails and hands, and three of which are full sized.

First, some nail wraps from Scratch.

These are for creating accent nails. Unfortunately, my nails are too small to use these as full wraps. I could probably use them as nail decals and might give that a try. This is a full-sized product and sells for $6.

Also, a polish from Nails Inc.

The color is Hyde Park Place, a cool medium gray cream.

This is three coats, no base or top and yes, it's this shiny. Instead of doing just a swatch, I did all 10 nails this way. It's the perfect gray polish. This second full-sized product sells for $9.99.

The third full-sized product and the final one for hands as well as nails, Keratin gloves from Bodipure.

I am assuming these are plastic type of gloves. They contain an anti-fungal copaiba oil, strengthening keratin, anti-aging vitamin E, hydrating urea, and UV protection. There is one pair in this packet and it sells for $5.

Now for the hair products.

From a brand called Novex, their Bamboo Sprout Deep Conditioning Treatment.

This package is huge. I think I might get two treatments out of it, possibly three. Made for all hair types, this Brazilian hair treatment is supposed to restore the strength and growth of weak, broken hair. Comes in two sizes: 14 ounces for $9.99, and 35 ounces for $14.99. This sample would be worth around $1.45.

This next product kind of goes along with the conditioner. From Not Your Mother's Haircare, their Plump for Joy Thickening Hair Lifter.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what this can do for my hair. Past surgeries and a body scan using radioactive isotopes, not to mention aging, has reduced what was once thick hair into half of what it used to be. I've been using products that are suppose to stimulate hair growth and they are working, just a little too slowly for my liking. When I wear my hair in its natural, wavy state, it looks thicker than it is. Straight, it's really limp and lifeless. We'll see if this stuff lives up to its promise. 

Comes in an 8 ounce size that, according to the card, sells for $7. I've found it at places like Ulta and Walmart for much less. However, using the $7 price as my basis, I calculated the worth of this 2 ounce sample to be around $1.75.

And finally, hair spray! Something I don't normally use but lately have seen a need for. This one's from Salon Grafix.

One reason I'm not fond of hairspray is because, even when they say unscented, there's still that hairspray smell. No strong scent here and it doesn't leave hair feeling stiff and sticky. But then, perhaps I just don't use enough for my hair to get that way.

This is the travel size and sells for $2.99. Full size is 10 ounces with a retail price of $6.99.

Total worth of this box is around $27.18. Not the best value I've ever received from Beauty Box 5 but at least it's more than twice the $12 monthly cost and most of what I've received so far has been useful. If you would like to give Beauty Box 5 a try, you can go here to sign up. For the best value, get the yearly subscription for $99. Averages out to $8.25 per month, which is a very good deal.

That's it for today. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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