Friday, February 5, 2016

Reviewed: January Birchbox and Supplement

Happy, happy Friday!

Got the January Birchbox for you today. 

For this box, I did make a sample choice and purchased one of the supplements. I'll be calculating the box value without the supplement, however, since it actually cost the retail price.

Confused? Let's get started. It'll get better. I promise.

For the box itself, the sample choice is actually a full sized product, which helped to up the value a bit. I'll start there.

I chose the Fat Liquid Liner from Eyeko.

The tip on this one is a bit fatter.

But it will make a thin-ish line.

And it's very, very black. The liner goes on more or less effortlessly - on the back of my hand, that is. It does dry enough to stay put. If I am able to do makeup tomorrow, I'll use it and we'll all see if it performs the same way on the eyes.

As I said, this is a full size and sells for $16.

Now for the true samples.

For the hair, a leave-in conditioner from Beauty Protector. 

Made for all hair types, this leave-in conditioner claims to instantly detangle, provide protection from heat styling as well as UV rays. And it stinks. Sorry, but it does. Very heavily scented so I probably will never be able to use it. 

The full size is 8 ounces and sells for $21.95. The sample bottle doesn't indicate any size but I estimate it's probably around an ounce. Based on that, I calculated the value at $2.74.

The box included two products for the face, one a facial peel, the other a tinted moisturizer.

The peel is from Real Chemistry.

Based on the directions, this is a quick peel that gently removes dead skin to leave the skin smoother and more luminous. They even suggest trying it in the shower to save time. I'll give this one a try the next time I'm in the shower.

The full size is 1.7 ounces and sells for $48. This sample size is 0.17 ounces and would be worth around $4.80.

The tinted moisturizer is from Jouer.

This is in the color Linen, which seems to be a pretty good match for my skin.

Maybe a bit darker but I think I can make it work. It is creamy and seems to have decent coverage. Definitely made the pores on the back of my hand disappear when I blended it completely out. Didn't get a picture, though. Sorry.

The full size is 1.7 ounces and sells for $40. This sample is 0.17 and would be worth around $4.

Finally, a body butter from Three Whishes.

More the consistency of a light lotion, it absorbs quickly with no grease left behind. It does have a light almond scent that's not too strong.  

The full size is 5 ounces and sells for $24. This decent sized sample is 0.75 ounces and would be worth around $3.60.

So, doing the math, this box is worth around $31.17, however, the estimated worth of this box without the eyeliner is only $15.14. Granted, there would have been another sample in place of the eyeliner had I not made a sample choice for January but based on experience, that sample would have been worth less than $5 as well. 

On the other hand, I do get the $10 back in Birchbox points, not only for the box and review of the products but also for any purchases made through them. With the $10 gift card that came in the December box and the points I had accrued, I was able to purchase these.

These are the StyleEyes Trio from Coastal Scents. Only one complaint. The three palettes came in a cardboard sleeve and were packed in so tight that I had to cut them out of the sleeve in order to get a look at them.

Coastal Scents has quickly become one of my favorite eyeshadow brands. I have each of the Revealed palettes (including the Smokey, thanks to Boxycharm - Spoilers!), along with some smaller palettes and samples. I've been impressed with the quality as well as the way they can make some of the same colors look different just by changing the finish. These three palettes are no exception. 

The Formal Eyes palette includes the most neutral and subtle colors of the three.

With a good balance of matte and shimmer, this would be an excellent every day, work appropriate palette. 

By comparison, the Social Eyes palette is a bit more dramatic.

All shimmer shadows from subtle to downright glittery. I speak of that lovely aubergine one up there in the top right corner. 

Then, for all out, bold color, there's Glamour Eyes.

In fact, this palette comes pretty close to duping several of the shades in the Urban Decay Vice 4. 

The quality of the shadows is amazingly on point. So buttery and pigmented. At a price point of $25 for the set, these palettes are an excellent alternative some higher priced palettes. Unfortunately, the only place I see it for sale is on Birchbox. I don't even find it for sale on the Coastal Scents website. Although, I did discover they have individual shadow pans for sale at $1.95 each. Maybe not these colors but I've seen a few that will probably find their way into my Z-palette.

Purchasing from Birchbox aside, the monthly cost of the box is $10 and you can go here to sign up. Maybe you'll have better luck with them than I've had. I will enjoy these palettes, though.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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