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Reviewed: January Boxycharm

Happy Saturday!

We are finally at the last box for January and it is the best of the bunch. But then Boxycharm usually is the best one for the month.

The theme for January was "All Eyes on 2016", which was pretty similar to Ipsy's theme for the month.

True to theme, all four items in the box were eye related and all were full sized. 

Starting with a tubing mascara from a brand called Blinc.

The packaging is kind of neat. The tube came in an outer tube with a screw off cap.

If you don't know what a tubing mascara is - well, it's mascara that creates tubes around the lashes to give volume and length. I've tried one from L'Oreal and did not like it at all. The tubes were just weird and they didn't stay put. Perhaps this one will be different. 

I looked up some reviews and found pretty much a mixed bag. It appears that people either love this mascara or hate it. I'm about to do a purge of my opened mascaras - okay, tossing everything in the "open for use" drawer - so there will be room for putting this one in the rotation.

The retail price is $26.00.

The box also included an eyeliner from Starlooks.

could not get a good picture of the name to save my life

This is the second eyeliner I've received by this brand. The other one is a burgundy brown. 

These liners have a normal sized felt tip.

And makes thin line but doesn't seem to be very pigmented.

Which might not be a bad thing if you're not fond of that dark, harsh line around your eyes. I have several felt tip liners in my stash and have used one or two but I generally end up using either shadow or and eye pencil for a softer look. Still want to learn that winged liner, though. 

This product retails for $19.

The next product is a set of eye brushes from Royal & Langnickel.

From the Revolution line, these are synthetic brushes that the package states can be used equally well with wet or dry product. The handles have a smooth, rubberized finish that feels luxurious.

l to r: BX-90, BX-95, BX-80

The BX-90 is a professional pointed crease brush that can also be used to apply shadow to the corner V of the eye. The bristles are longer and have quite a bit of give.

The BX-95 is the precision eyeshadow detail smudger - your basic pencil brush. The shorter, denser bristles come to a sharp point that will be perfect for smudging beneath the lower lashes for that smoky look.

The BX-80 is your basic shadow brush for packing color on the lid. It's rounded with a slight angle. The bristles are firmer than a fluffy brush but I think it would also work as a blending brush.

Each brush sells separately for $7.99. The entire kit is valued at $23.97.

And to use these brushes, Boxycharm included the newest palette from Coastal Scents - the Revealed Smoky.

I was very excited when I saw that this palette would be included in the box. I almost bought it when it first came out but something told me to wait and see if Boxycharm would put it in a box. They gave out all three of the previous Revealed palettes so I was hoping they'd do the same with this one. 

And the colors!

My picture doesn't do this palette justice, unfortunately, but trust me when I say every one of these shadows is gorgeous. At least, I think they are. I've yet to find a Coastal Scents shadow that failed to live up to expectations. I have no trouble with creasing even when I don't use a primer and the color lasts until I choose to take it off. They blend so nicely, too.

As with the previous Revealed palettes, this one is Coastal Scents' answer to the Urban Decay Smoky and I think they did a pretty good job replicating the colors as well as giving us an additional 10 shadows to play with. With a good mix of finishes, there's plenty to love about this palette, including the price. 

The retail price is $39.95, which is less than $2.00 a shadow, but all of the Revealed palettes have been on sale for $19.95 for as long as I've known of their existence. And if you go to Amazon, you can sometimes find them even cheaper. But even at the full retail price, the Revealed palettes are an excellent value considering you get twice the shadows for less than the costs of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. 

The total value of this box, using the full retail price of the Smoky palette, adds up to $108.92. At the palette's sale price of $19.95, the total value does drop to $88.82, which is still a good value for $21 a month.

If you want to try Boxycharm for yourself, and I highly recommend that you do, you can go here to sign up. And if you sign up now, you'll be in time to receive the February box. From what I've seen so far, it's going to be another good one.

Whew! That's all for the January boxes. I already have the February box from Allure and just received notification that the Beauty Box 5 for February has already shipped. Beauty Box 5 turns 4 this month and they've been saying this box will be exceptional. Can't wait to see what's in it.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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