Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Reviewed: January Glossybox

Happy Tuesday!

Catching up on the January boxes - seeing as how February has already begun. 

Had a little trouble with my photo editing program. For some reason, the last Windows 10 update removed several programs, including the basic photos program. Thankfully, I found something better so I'm back in business again. Adobe Photoshop is actually free on the Windows App Store. The basics, anyway. All I need is cropping and a couple of other basic editing functions since I don't watermark. Had to change my process a bit and it does take a bit longer but at least I'm back in business again.

All that aside, I'm working on a post a day for the rest of the week to get caught up. Already have the first of the February boxes so I really need to get caught up.

So, let's take a look at the Glossybox for January.

Starting with a primer from Emite Make Up.

The name of this one is Soft Focus and it says 'Illuminating'. Unlike most primers that are either white or clear, this one has a bit of color to it.

Sort of a peachy color that blends nearly away but does leave a bit of luminous glow behind.

Not sure if the color is enough to cover imperfections but I do look forward to seeing what this looks like beneath makeup.

This is a Swedish brand but the product says made in Italy. The full size is 1.2 ounces and sells for $29.00. The sample I received is about half an ounce, which makes it worth around $12.43.

The other makeup item in this box is a lip color from a brand called

The color is Playful Peach and it glides on easily and has a matte finish. Doesn't feel dry, though. Feels almost like a lip balm. A matte lip balm. I love that and I love this kind of peachy color.

Comfortable and my color. Definitely a win. This is a full size and sells for $12.50.

One of the two creamy items in this box is for the body from Royal Apothic.

This comes in a metal tube, so it'll be easy to use it all. This light cream absorbs quickly and smells fresh and clean. The scent is not too strong.

Mildly exfoliating thanks to lactic acid derived from milk proteins, also contains olive oil, glycerin and safflower oil. One word of warning, however. It also contains sweet almond extract so if you're allergic, this isn't the body cream for you.

At 1.25 ounces, I would call this a deluxe full-size sample. Glossybox states this size sells for $14.00. Royal Apothic also sells an 8 ounce size for $30.

The other cream in the box is for the feet. From Minus 417.

Being the Winter months, my face isn't the only part of my body that gets really dry. My feet get dry enough to be quite uncomfortable. While I haven't tried this cream yet, I definitely will. 

Minus 417 is based in Belgium but the product is made in Isreal. It contains water from the Dead Sea as well as aloe vera leaf juice. The cream is thick and smells lovely. It also absorbs without being greasy so you can go barefoot almost immediately after use.

I received a half size deluxe sample. The full-sized product is 3.4 ounces and sells for $18, making my sample worth $9.

The final product is for the hair and I've received this same sample before. Not sure in which box, though. This is the Lemon Rinse from Beautiful Nutrition.

Now, I have yet to try this but I've read other reviews that state this dried their hair out, which makes me hesitate but since I have two samples, might as well give it shot.

A full size is 13.3 ounces and sells for $10. I received a 2 ounce sample, which would be worth around $1.50.

Total value of this box is $57.43. Monthly cost is $21. If you would like to try Glossybox, you can go here to sign up. They also offer half year and full year subscriptions. The full year subscription is a real money saver at $18.50 per month.

I think it's worth it. I've gotten to try brands I wouldn't normally know of much less consider trying. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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