Thursday, February 11, 2016

Reviewed: New Shadow Products From Maybelline and Cover Girl

Happy Wednesday!

I found some new products at my local grocery store. Products I've seen all over YouTube but had yet to come across.

First, from Maybelline. You know those 24 Hour Color Tattoos in the pots? Well, Maybelline has now come out with crayons using the Color Tattoo formula. 

There are 10 shades, $5.99 each at the store I was at. I picked up 3 but I believe I will go back for the rest.

l to right: Pink Parfait, Barely Beige, Gold Rush
The crayons are creamy and go on amazingly easy. Once they set, they do not budge - just the like the pots. All appear to have a sheen to them, even the darker ones. I don't believe they duplicate the pot colors. Since I have yet to wear any of these, I can't speak to how well they do wear but if they're anything like the pots, they should wear decently well.

I also found the new palettes from Cover Girl that claim to be like the Urban Decay palettes. Okay. They don't actually mention Urban Decay but there's enough in the claim that it's not hard to figure out.

There are three palettes - Nudes, Goldens and Roses. The claim on the Roses palette actually reads: "shades like a leading $50 eye shadow palette." Since I don't have any of the Naked palettes, I can't say whether or not it's true. I can tell you that the quality of these palettes is surprisingly good.

There are 8 shades in each palette with a good mix of finishes. The shadows are soft and quite a bit powdery but seem to be well pigmented. There were only a couple that didn't swatch too well but I think that was more that the shade was very light and not that it wasn't pigmented.

Let's take a look at the colors in each palette. 

Starting with the Nudes.

The bottom row of four is Buff, Shell, Champagne, and Fawn. Fawn was the one I thought wasn't swatching well and was afraid it would show up. A good transition shade, though. 

The top row of four is Mink, Cocoa, Coffee, and Sable.

Now for the Goldens.

Bottom row of four is Creme, Chiffon, Cookie, and Sunkissed. Cookie is one of the ones that is rather light and was hard to swatch but I think it would also make a great transition shade. 

Top row of four is Camel, Ginger, Ecru, and Sierra.

And finally, Roses.

Bottom row of four is Almond, Champagne, Baby, and Rose Gold. You can tell which one was troublesome just by looking, can't you? Baby is such a light rosy pink it barely shows up on me.

Top row of four is Copper Rose, Dusk, Mauvergine (great name), and Mousse.

All of the shadows can be applied wet. In fact, one YouTuber I watched had to do just that with one of the Roses Shadows because it just didn't show up as well dry. Something to keep in mind if you're considering purchasing these palettes.

These palettes were $10.99 each. The grocery store I go to discounts cosmetics by 10%. I get to save some money but I also end up waiting longer to get my hands on some of these newer items since they only have so much space. In fact, I'm not sure they had all 10 of the Color Tattoo crayons so I may have to visit several places to the rest of them.

That's it for today. Still awaiting boxes and some other goodies I've got coming. Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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