Saturday, March 12, 2016

Nails: Sinful Colors Mist-erious

Happy Saturday!

I realize I have yet to swatch the other Sinfuls I recently purchased but I think you'll get those as I wear them. Looking at the stack of boxing staring me down right now, I really need to get those posts done. 

I also remember that I had intended to start with Prosecco but this little blue number really caught my eye today. 

This is Mist-erious.

First off, you'll have to forgive the less than stellar clean-up. I'm out of my usual acetone. I did find a bottle of Sally's acetone that I forgot I had but I must have doctored it up with something that is heavily oiled. It doesn't work as well and kind of sits there on the skin doing very little.

Anyway, Mist-erious is this light sky blue beauty with tons of non-holographic sparkle. Well, it might be holographic but the glitter is so very fine, it's really hard to tell.

I used three coats on bare nails with no top coat. Mist-erious dries to a nice shine all by herself. Dry time is ok. It was still dentable after 15-20 minutes but as I write this now, it's been on my nails for well over an hour and is now completely dry. Quick dry top coat would have helped but I didn't want to fuss beyond getting the color on my nails. We'll see how long it lasts by itself.

The two pictures above were taken with flash. I did one without and bit fuzzy to hopefully show off the sparkle.

When I first saw this on my nails, I immediately thought of two similar polishes. 

Soccer Mom from Colors by Llarowe.

But it's quite a bit darker and the holo of the glitter is more intense.

The other one is Cinderella from Sinful. Unfortunately, that's one I used before I started blogging. I did take pictures but can't find where I put them. I also can't put my hands on the bottle - I think I have two, actually. But you can Google it if you're unfamiliar. Basically, Cinderella is a lot lighter and more sheer than Mist-erious. 

Now that I see the picture of Soccer Mom, I'll have to find it and wear it again. It's really pretty. Hmmm. Maybe if I can find Cinderella, too, I can do a little skittle with the three. 

That's it for today. Gonna get started on the posts for the box backlog tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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