Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review: NYX Custom 9 Shadow Pro Palette

Hello! The shadow addict is back!

Not too long ago I received a good discount code from NYX for one of their Custom Pro Palettes. There are 3 choices - 4, 8, and 9 pans. I chose the 9 pan for the best shadow selection. I chose a mixture of mattes and shimmers, which gives me a good variety of options for a number of eye looks.

The whole kit came in a black lace bag.

The shadows come in cardboard envelopes with all of the pertinent info, separate from the palette. 

The palette is magnetic with individual spaces for each shadow.

The only con is that the palette doesn't come with a mirror.

I was so excited to put my new palette together that I had all of the pans out of their envelopes before I realized the name of the shadow was not printed on the pan. I had to go back to my order to get the right pans back in the right envelopes. I created some labels to put on the backs of the pans so that I'll know the names in the future.

And here they are.

top row l to r: Lace, Kiss The Day, Coquette
middle row l to r: Dayclub, Spellbound, Get Naked
bottom row l to r: Happy Hour, Confession, Own The Night

I see a few combinations here that I'm anxious to try. The shadows are pretty well pigmented for the most part. The lighter ones are either not as pigmented as the darker or are just too light on my skin tone to show up as well. With them, I was mainly looking for blending and highlighting. The shadows are also soft and buttery and will kick up some powder but not a lot. 

The regular price for this palette would be $46 - $10 for the empty palette, $4 for the individual shadows. NYX offers free shipping for orders over $25. 

Even though these shadows cost twice as much as Coastal Scents, the quality makes the extra cost worth it. I'm sure more of these will find their way into my collection, although I think I'll get some more Z-palettes so I can fit more shadows into a palette.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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