Thursday, March 24, 2016

Reviewed: Allure Beauty Box for March

Happy Thursday!

I have the March Allure Beauty Box for you today and it is an interesting one, however, there is one product here that seems to be further proof that filling out a profile is pretty much useless.

That product is a cleansing conditioner from Macadamia Professional.

Meant for hair that is very coarse and curly, this conditioner would only weigh down my thin, fine hair. It does contain macadamia and argan oil as well as shea butter. It has a strong scent, too, so this one will probably find the round file since it won't work for any of my friends, either.

A full size is 3.3 ounces for $10 and 10 ounces for $26. This sample is 2 ounces and would sell for around $5.20.

The other hair product will work much better for me.

This is used instead of shampoo to remove buildup from styling products, dry shampoo and anything else that can cause dulling buildup and weigh hair down. And it's safe for color treated hair.

The full size is 8.5 ounces. This one ounce sample would be worth around $4.13.

Also for the hair, a couple of anti-frizz sheets from Nunzio Saviano.

Not something I need on a regular basis but might come in handy. 

A box of 12 sheets sells for $18. These two would be worth $3 together.

Of the makeup items in the box, one isn't the best, I'm sorry to say.

I think this was a bonus item since there was no specific entry for it. It's the Infallible Pro-Last Lipcolor from L'oreal in Teaberry. 

It's a liquid lipstick that dries matte. While the color is very pretty.

And it does come with its own lip balm to keep lips from feeling dry.

It's just not good. The lipstick dries to an uncomfortable matte. When the lip balm is applied over the color, it pills something horrible and feels worse. Not sure if the problem is the color or the balm. I tried applying the balm first then the color and it just didn't work.

The color also stains.

This was left even after I used a makeup wipe. Sorry it's blurry.

This is a full sized product and sells for $12.99. I really wanted to like this product but I just didn't. 

The other two makeup products, however, I do like.

First, from Cargo, a duo sample of their blush and bronzer.

The blush is Catalina - a bright pink with a soft, pearly finish. The bronzer is Medium with some shimmer. The two are sold separately - the blush sells for $26 and the bronzer sells for $29. I used the bronzer price to calculate the value of the duo, which is $10.43.

The other product is from Make Up For Ever, their HD Microfinish Powder.

This is a white, loose powder.

It blends almost completely away but leaves a matte finish behind.

It also seems to leave my skin looking white - or that's just the reflection of the light off the HD powder. This is why they don't recommend this kind of product if flash photography will be involved.

There are two sizes of this product - .3 ounces for $35 and .14 ounces for $20. This sample is .035 ounces and would sell for $5.

And finally, the oddest item in the box - it comes from Julep.

This is actually an exfoliating facial sponge. 

Though it looks like a sponge, it's actually made from the root of the konjac plant. It's infused with charcoal powder to help detoxify the skin and can be used with or without your normal cleanser. They can be used for up to a month before they need to be tossed. The package includes a suction cup so the sponge can be attached to the shower wall.

It's a full size and sells for $12. Amazon has several versions, some containing red clay, green tea and other such beneficial additives. Or it can be purchased without any additives. Watch though. Some of the sponges with additives include artificial coloring.

The overall worth of the box is $52.75.

The cost of the box is $15 per month (I think it went up from $12). If you would like to receive one of your own, you can go here to sign up.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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