Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Reviewed: Boxycharm for March

Happy Tuesday!

Today is Boxycharm for March day. Easily the most anticipated of the year so far. And not just by me. This one got a lot of buzz early on when Boxycharm gave us a sneak peek at one of the items that would be included. But we'll get to that.

The theme for March was "Sweet Treats."

And there were a few differences with this box compared to previous boxes. First, the card did not include a listing of products with prices on the back. Not very helpful for those of us who blog our boxes and like to provide a value versus cost comparison. 

Second, there was some diversity in what people received. There were three possible moisturizing products as well as three possible makeup brushes.

The moisturizing products - an eye cream from Clark's Botanicals, a facial moisturizer from Previse and a body illuminizer from OFRA. That's what I received.

Now, this isn't something I'll be likely to use but if you're into this kind of thing, it is kind of pretty. This one was made exclusively for Boxycharm.

It's this kind of golden lotion loaded with, you guessed it, gold glitter.

This is definitely a body bronzer and illuminizer. It gives the skin that golden glow with a high shimmer. It is not a self-tanner and the color will wash off. Just not something I'm going to be excited about using, to be honest. Of the three possibilities, I would have preferred the eye cream.

Even though this was made exclusively for Boxycharm, it can be purchased through the OFRA website. It comes in a 4 ounce pump and sells for $39.95. Mine is the same 4 ounces, just in a tube as opposed to a pump.

And now the makeup brushes - a retractable one from Mistura, a Vasanti Blush Brush and the brush I received, the small contouring brush from Luxie. 

And so my Luxie collection grows and I love it. The Vasanti would have been second choice with the retractable coming in third. But any one of the three would have been very welcome. I'm just happy I got the Luxie. As I've said, I'll soon have that $110 collection.

This particular brush sells for $16.

There was also a third item for which there was more than one option - Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans.

The first sneak peek told us that we were each getting two shadows - one matte and one duo chrome. They then came out and said that while the one matte was unchanged, there was the possibility that instead of a duo chrome, some of us might get a shimmer. 

A lot of people were not happy to hear that. I'll admit. I was one of them but I decided I would be happy with either one. Makeup Geek shadows are said to be exceptionally pigmented and of the highest quality. I was determined I would be happy no matter what I got. 

And this is what I got, although, if you know Makeup Geek packaging, you probably already guessed.

I got a duo chrome! This one is called Mai Tai.

The pan picture really doesn't do this one justice. Turns out, capturing duo chrome in a shadow is only slightly easier than capturing it in nail polish. Still, I didn't do too badly. 

This shadow shifts from a pink much hotter than you see here.

To an almost neutral tan color. 

The shift is much more dramatic in real life.

What you see in the corners there is the matte shade I received - Cocoa Bear.

This is one of the more popular Makeup Geek shades. Many people use this as a warm crease shade and I can see why. It looks just like cocoa powder.

Makeup Geek shadows are very affordable at $6, one reason why I ended up placing an order to complete a 9 pan collection - three duo chromes, three mattes, and three shimmers. This includes these two. You'll see the other 7 tomorrow.

On to the rest of the box and the items everyone received. Starting with one that's still a question mark for me - a perfume from Catherine Malandrino called Style de Paris.

Not too sure I can get away with this one. As soon as I put it on, I had to take it off. Just way too strong. And it contains patchouli, which just overwhelms everything else, unfortunately. Otherwise, it would be a scent right up my alley with orange blossom, gardenia, jasmine and ruby red grapefruit, as well as violets and ocean breeze. I'll probably give this one away.

This is a travel size and sells for $20. A full size I've seen from $65 on up. Really wanted to like this one but....

So, the value of this box doesn't quite come up to what I've gotten previously. Just $105.95. Of the two with various options, I received the middle range of the brushes and the low range of the moisturizers. The eye cream sells for $87, while the facial moisturizer sells for $48. Of the brushes, the retractable was the low range at $15.32 and the high range was the Vasanti at $29. I do already have the blush brush but wouldn't turn down a second one, for sure.

Still, for $21 a month, I'm not gonna complain. Even if I don't ever use the body illuminizer, I'm still geeked out about the Makeup Geek shadows and the Luxie brush. They basically paid for the box.

One thing, though. I'm really hoping the card was just an experiment and they'll go back to the product listing. It's just so helpful to have that in front of me and saves me some work on doing these posts. They're about the only box I can just go with the card and not look things up unless I actually want to for a site link or more info.

April is fast approaching and I've already received notification of something on the way to me. I still have Beauty Box 5 to share as well as the rest of that 9 pan Makeup Geek palette I created for myself. One of them is even a pretty much dead on dupe of a really expensive shadow lemming of mine. We'll get into that tomorrow.

For now, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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