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Reviewed: February Boxycharm

Happy Monday!

I know. This one is very, very late. But better late than never, right?

So, February's Boxycharm box was dedicated to the idea of "Rush to Relax."

And it contained items suited for both working hard and resting easy.

A couple of these items really intrigued me. Starting with the large, gray item from a skincare company called Shray. 

As the words on the outside suggest, this is a limited edition version of Shray's Ms. Amazing moisturizing mask for sensitive, dry skin.

The inside of this packet was so cute. The pics show amazing women doing what we women do best - being amazing. As well as a few short paragraphs underneath the packet containing the mask.

 didn't realize my belly got in the shot until editing - oops!

This little packet could even be mailed to someone amazing.

Also included in the packet is a step by step pictorial demonstrating how to use the mask.

There are other mask versions available on the Shray website. I did notice that while the other gift sets were $10, this particular gift set sells for $12. They also sell the mask in sets of 5 for $30.

The other intriguing item in the box is a body sponge from a company called Spongelle.

This heart shaped sponge is already full of body wash so it's ready to go right out of the package. There are two sides to this thing - a soft side for washing and a textured side for exfoliating. I haven't opened it yet so I don't know which is which. I'm thinking the white would be the textured side.

The sponge works for up to 14 uses and sells for $15.

Boxycharm included an eye cream in this box - from Freeze 24-7.

This is a serum for the eye area. It's a thin, almost clear type of serum that seems to sink in quickly and hydrates quite a bit. 

This is a very high end product. The full size is half an ounce and sells for $115. This deluxe sample size sells for $58. Definitely an enjoy-it-while-I-have-it kind of product.

Next, a blush/highlight product from Beauty for Real - their Blush + Glo stick.

This double-ended product has a highlighter at one end.

This one's called Hi Beam and is everything a highlighter should be. It goes on creamy.

It leaves a nice shimmer effect when blended out.

Of course, I purposely overdid it so that it would actually show up. This is one of those products where less is more.

As is the blush end.

This is Coral Crush. Again, I purposely overdid it so it would show up better.

Blended out, it leaves just flush of coral behind.

It also has a bit of shimmer of its own that can serve as highlight.

This one also has anti-aging benefits in the form of grape seed extract and vitamin E. It reflects light to give the skin a youthful glow. I've been considering using more cream products like this and this one will be an easy one for a first time trial.

The product comes in two colors. The other one is called In the Pink (the blush) and Get Lit (the highlighter). Both sell for $24.

I also received a Banana Powder Godet from OFRA.

I really had to lay this one on thick to get it to show up. Best use would be to set undereye concealer to help cover those dark circles so that you'll look rested even when you aren't. It can also be used as an eyeshadow base or brow highlight - depending on the look you're going for, that is.

This sells for $12.

And finally, a scent. This one's from a brand called Realtree Beauty.

Note the camouflage effect on the box. This one comes from a camo designer, maker and licensor, of all things. The scent is not too heavy but a little bit will go a long way. It comes in this cute, refillable camo travel spritzer.

The first notes here are pomegrante, persimmon and orchid, followed by lotus blossom and champaca flower. It then it warms with amber, violets and mahogany wood. It's the kind of sweet floral that I really like with just the right hint of warmth.

The travel size like this sells for $12.99.  The full size sells for $24.99. The scent also comes in a body lotion for $12.99, as well as the body lotion and perfume in a set for $29.99. I also see what they call the Mountain Series that includes the scents of red orange, green tea and amber along with jasmine, bergamot and red roses and lingering notes of freesia, orange flower and patcholi. Yeah, that one lost me at patcholi. I only see a full size for that one that sells for $24.99. They also make a line of fragrance for men.

All told, the February box was worth $133.99 and I will use everything in the box. Considering the monthly cost of $21, that's a true bargain. You can get Boxycharm delivered to your door by going here and signing up.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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