Friday, March 18, 2016

Reviewed: February Glossybox

Happy Friday!

Time for the Glossybox for February. It was love themed since, you know, it was February and Valentine's and all that. Yeah. Not my favorite 'holiday' of the year and not for the obvious reason but I won't get on my soapbox right now. Let's just take a look at this box and I'll try to keep my grumbling to a minimum.

The box itself was really cute.

Even the inside was that Valentine's rosey pink.

Now, before we get started, I have to say that this box did not thrill me when I first opened it. I guess after getting my other subscriptions, I had my expectations raised a little too high for this particular box. And one of these products just hit me wrong. We'll get to that later. On a positive note, I will use everything in there so - stop whining, Penny, and get on with it.

Starting with the largest item in the box - a sheet mask from BioRepublic.

There were a couple different masks we could have received. My card shows the pomegranate version while I received the green tea version. Green tea is pretty good for my skin as it helps with the redness and sensitivity. I've yet to try any of the sheet masks I've received but plan to do so eventually.

This is a single mask and sells for $5.

The gold stick-like product is an eye treatment from Etre' Belle.

This is their Caviar Eye Gel. It has one of those metal ball rollers that is supposed to add a cooling effect with application.

And it does do that. I tried it on the back of my hand and felt pretty good. Not sure the gel part will be moisturizing enough for my eyes but I'll give it a shot.

This is actually not the full size, which is half an ounce and sells for $45. This one is .34 ounces and is worth around $30.60.

And another mud to foam product from Glamglow.

This is the hydrating mud to foam cleanser. While it looks like it might have little scrubbers in it, I didn't feel anything like that when I tried it on the back of my hand. It did feel pretty hydrating, though. I might use this on occasion in conjunction with what I'm currently using for cleanser.

This is the one ounce sample size. The full size is 5 ounces and sells for $39, which means my sample would be worth around $7.80.

There was also one of the tiny samples of Benefit's Pore-professional in the box.

I must admit, this is one of the reasons why I was not thrilled with this box. I like the Pore-professional but the size just felt - I don't know. Chintzy, maybe? But that's probably just me being let down by my own high expectations. 

The full size of this is .75 ounces and sells for $31. This tiny sample would be worth around $4.13.

The only makeup in the box was a lipstick from Teeze.

This brand's packaging is a huge part of the appeal - for me, anyway. And the actual product packaging is identical.

Definitely no boring packaging here. The color is Heat Wave Ruby.

Please forgive my messy application. I had just put on some Blistex and my lips were still a bit slippery so the lipstick application on my bottom lip came out messy. I normally don't appreciate red lipstick on me but this one is muted enough that I might just be able to get away with it. Without the lip balm, this would be a semi-matte finish. It felt good on and didn't dry my lips at all.

This was the full size and retails for $22.

The overall estimated value of this box is $69.53, so I'll stop grumbling about the tiny Benefit sample and just appreciate what I did receive for my $21 monthly cost. If you would like to receive a Glossybox of your own, please ignore my pitiful whining and go here to sign up. 

Tomorrow, you're getting the March Glossybox, which got me a lot more excited. You'll see what I mean tomorrow. Until then, thanks for reading and stayed tuned.


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