Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Reviewed: February Ipsy Glambag

Happy Wednesday!

Backtracking a bit today with the February Ipsy Glambag. This one was also an awesome bag to receive. The bag itself is so stinkin' cute.

I also loved this bag because of what I found inside.

Starting with the facial lotion from Promise Organic.

This one has lots of good, good ingredients and even though it has this lovely citrusy scent, there is no fragrance. The scent comes from the orange oil and possibly the honeysuckle flower extract. It's very light and absorbs more quickly than I expected considering there's olive oil in it. It does feel a bit slick on my hands but I don't mind that so much and on the face, you probably wouldn't notice it at all. However, this will be strictly a hand cream for me since I'm loving the Paula's Choice products I'm using right now.

This is a pretty good sized sample at half an ounce. The full size is 1.7 ounces and sells for $14.99. My sample would be worth around $4.41.

Then there is that new primer oil from Smashbox.

why does my skin look dirty? it's not. I promise.

The bottle is really tiny and yes, it was full when I first got it. I did try it with one of the foundations that is more on the dry side for my skin and it did help. I mixed a couple of drops in with the foundation but have yet to use this as a primer. This oil can also do double duty for nails and cuticles and you could probably find a lot of other uses for it. It contains a mixture of many oils as well as coffee seed extract, wheat germ extract, and barley extract, and I could go on but this post would be a mile long if I did. 

For something so versatile, however, the price might be prohibitive - for me, at least. The full size is only an ounce and retails for $42. This tiny .13 ounce sample would sell for around $5.46. I don't know. Perhaps one day I might decide to splurge but for now, I'll hang on to what's left of this for as long as possible.

I also received a mica pigment from a brand called Naked Cosmetics.

I'm not a huge fan of pigments, mainly because they are so messy to use. However, I might actually use this one in spite of the mess. The color is Sierra Nevada 05. This is out of their Sierra Nevada collection, which includes 6 versions of the pigment going from lightest to darkest. This one is the next to darkest one and it's gorgeous.

I just have no words. This will make a pretty smoky bronzey eye. And it doesn't take much. I barely touched the pigment with my finger and got all this color out of it. Pretty amazing. Perhaps I shouldn't be so hesitant to try pigments, especially when they look like this.

This is the full size and retails for $14.99. Well worth it since it takes so little. The product would last a long time.

The other makeup item in the bag is a lip pencil from Chella.

This is in the color Passionate Pink, which comes up a deeper rose on me.

Please pardon the tiny bumps. I thought I would be lucky enough to miss out on the purge phase of using a sonic cleansing brush but no.

The lip pencil is very creamy. It goes on easily and doesn't feel drying at all. For something so creamy, the pigment is amazing. Lots of color with very little effort.

This is also a full size and sells for $18.

Last but certainly not least, another brush from Luxie.

This is the flat definer brush. I have several Luxie brushes at this point and they are quickly becoming my favorites. I did look into getting more but they are on the pricey side. The 12 piece Rose gold set is $110. Needless to say, I'm very glad I'm getting these in my monthly subscriptions. I just got another one in this month's Glossybox. If this keeps up, I'll eventually have that 12 piece set.

This particular brush sells for $12.

Been keeping score? The overall estimated value of February's Glambag adds up to $54.86. With three full sized products in the bag, I'll be an Ipsy girl for quite some time to come. You already saw the link yesterday but I'll put it here again in case you'd like to get a Glambag of your own.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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