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Reviewed: March Beauty Box 5

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday was not a good day, which is why I'm late getting this up. After almost 12 hours of sleep Monday night, I got very little sleep Tuesday night which meant Wednesday was miserable. Trying to stay awake so that I would sleep last night was hard but I did it. Unfortunately, I couldn't make my brain function well enough to get this post done so that it went up this morning.

So, here we go - last post for March on the last day of March reviewing the last box received in March.

Ok. That sounded better in my head.


Here is the Beauty Box 5 for March (and how many times can I type 'March' in this post? Apparently one more).

Sorry to say, this box did not thrill me at all. In fact, I felt it looked a little cheap and gimmicky in several ways. 

First of all, I don't do tattoos of any kind - temporary or otherwise. That's just my own preference. I do not in any way judge people who do get them. Tattoos are a personal thing. I've seen many that are amazing works of art. I just don't feel the need to get one myself - for now. That may change later on. Who knows?

All that to say that there was a bonus item in this box and it's a temporary tattoo.

While this is pretty, I just don't see me wearing it. Now, if it was purple....

BB5 designated this a full size product (?) and priced it at $2.

Another item I just don't see myself using is one that I keep getting in boxes - nail polish strips. These are from a brand called Personail.

I've always thought nails strips were an awesome idea. I just can't get them on my nails where they look even halfway decent. The shape of my nails is part of the problem. The size is usually the other. These strips all seem to be made for longer nails. Mine are usually short to mid-length. Longer just gets in the way. Still, these are pretty and they do have purple on them so I might try playing with them. Maybe I just need more practice at applying them.

This is a full-size product and sells for $12.99.

The other full sized product in the box is a green glitter eyeliner from a brand called Glamour Dolls.

The name on this one is Mary Jane and quite frankly, this is not something I will be using. At all. 

Too much glitter, too much green, too much tacky. Maybe for Halloween but otherwise - no. sorry.

As a full sized product, this sells for $3.99.

There was a deluxe sample of an eye cream that I do like and use on occasion. From Pur-Lisse, the Blue Lotus 4 in 1 Eye Adore Serum.

I received the full size of this product in another box - the November Boxycharm. I do like it but have set it aside for the moment while I give the Paula's Choice eye cream a good try. I will probably add it back into the mix next month since I do miss using it. It really hydrates the skin around my eyes and I do think I saw improvement after using it for a while.

As I said, this is what I would call a deluxe sample. It's slightly less than half the full size, which is half an ounce and sells for $65. This sample would sell for around $31.20. Not cheap but I'm discovering that going cheap with skin care really doesn't do a lot of good in the long run.

There was also a fragrance sample in the box - from a brand called Colour Me, their Pink fragrance.

Love the way this one is presented, although I'm not fond of this kind of sample vial. The stopper is usually in there so tight that I'm afraid the perfume is going to go everywhere once I get the thing open. I do like this fragrance. It has notes of white rose, almond blossom, geranium, heliotrope and lilies in a base of vanilla and musk. They describe the origination of the fragrance as oriental floral. Unfortunately, I started sneezing once I put it on. I am having allergy issues anyway so I'm hoping that's all it is because this is one of those fragrances that I would wear. It's not all that strong and the musk part doesn't overwhelm the rest of the scent notes.

I really had to do some digging to determine the value of this sample. One of the full sizes is a 100ml and sells for $20, making this little 1 ml sample worth around $0.20.

The last sample in the box did intrigue me. I've heard of blotting papers and rice papers but never have heard of blush papers before. The brand is Mai Couture.

Not only do they offer skin care papers - oil blotting and such - they also have makeup papers. Mostly blush, highlighter and bronzer but it's definitely an intriguing idea and one that makes sense if you're on the go.

Both of these are blush papers. The pink one is called Prettyful.

For some reason, it's showing up more purple here but you can see the shimmery quality. The other one is called Sunset Blvd.

It has a golden shimmer to it.

Each of these sample packs contain two sheets. I did not open them to swatch because I'm assuming once you use a sheet it's done for and I really want give these a try to see if they will work for me. I'll post an update when I do.

They're sold in packs of 50 for $15, which means the two packs with 2 sheets each would be worth around $1.20 together.

All told, the overall estimated value of this month's Beauty Box 5 is a surprising $51.58. The Pur-Lisse eye cream and the Personail nail strips helped boost the value of the box. While not everything in here is usable for me, and my first impression was not overly thrilled, I have received enough value overall to keep Beauty Box 5 in the running for box subscriptions that will be renewed or continued. 

The boxes are $12 per month and they do offer multiple month subscriptions, with the yearly subscription for $99 the best value. If you would like to give Beauty Box 5 a try, you can go here and sign up.

That's it for this month. I don't have a post planned for tomorrow so hope your weekend is wonderful and I'll 'see' you on Monday!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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