Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Reviewed: March Ipsy Glambag

Happy Tuesday!

I know I'm way behind in sharing monthlies but this came yesterday and I was way too excited to wait. In my opinion, Ipsy really outdid themselves with this month's Glambag. I mean, the bag all by itself is just beautiful.

Not really a fan of orange but I love the design and it just works for me. Interesting, though. The picture on my Ipsy page is the same colors but opposite what you see here. The back ground is the lighter blue while the orange is what outlines the roses.

And packed inside...(and I do mean packed)...

Wait until you see the total worth of this bag. I am beyond impressed.

But first, let's talk about the one product I'm pretty sure I won't be using. The olive oil eye cream from a brand called Aphrodite.

It's not that this eye cream isn't hydrating or loaded with good ingredients. They even have listed on the box what the eye cream doesn't contain, which is good. However, there is one ingredient that is in this eye cream that makes me hesitate to use it. In fact, the moment I tried it on the back of my hand, I knew this wasn't going anywhere near my eyes.

It's got a heavy dose of fragrance in it. 

Now, why a company touting themselves as "The Secret of Natural Beauty" would dump "Parfum" into a product for the sensitive skin around the eyes, I just can't fathom. I decided to take a look at what I have and currently use, just to make sure and yeah, none of them have parfum as an ingredient. 

And another thing...

The tube might look impressive but since it's only a third of the way full, not impressed after all. They could have saved money on packaging and put this in a smaller tube. 

A full size is 1.01 ounces and sells for $27.99. They do sell this mini size at .34 ounces for $8.99. Um, no.

Moving on to the other items in the bag that did excite me.

From Model Co, their Lip Lacquer in the color Morocco.

This is a sheer, nude gloss that smells very sweet but has no taste, that I could determine at any rate. And I finally pinned down what it smells like - sort of a strawberry mango kind of scent that doesn't last once it's on the lips. 

The gloss is thick and a bit on the sticky side but not overly so. The color is very sheer and doesn't really show up on my lips so I didn't bother taking a picture of me wearing it.

This is a generous sample size at 1.5 ml (.05 ounces). The full size is 3 ml and sells for $24, which makes my sample worth $12.

Next, the one item that made me really excited. A travel size Living Proof Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo.

This is the best stuff ever. Not only will it give your second and even third day hair a fresh boost but it texturizes my thin, baby fine hair like nobody's business. Just a spritz here and there and my hair looks almost first day fresh. 

The travel size sells for $12. A full size is 4 ounces and will run you $22. Not the cheapest dry shampoo on earth but, in my opinion, the absolute best.

There was also a new brush in this bag. From a brand called MeMeMe, this is the loose powder brush.

Seems like I've gotten something from this brand before...let me look. Ah, yes. It was a lip product in my January Glossybox. Ok. Now that's settled...

This brush is very soft but not big or fluffy enough for use as a powder brush. At least, not for me. Besides, I've been using my dampened Real Techniques sponge to apply my powder. It just seems to go on more smoothly that way. Still, I'll use this brush for blush or bronzer or contour so it won't just sit idle by any means.

MeMeMe is based out of Staffordshire, England, so all of their prices are in pounds. The price on this brush is 14 pounds. I did a conversion of pounds to dollars and ended up with $19.99. 

I tried to find out if they deliver to the states. From their FAQ page, it seemed like they only delivered within the EU but when I took a look at their delivery page, it seems like they do ship outside of the EU. If you are considering ordering something, you might want to contact them first to see how delivery to places outside the EU are handled.

And finally, the priciest item in this bag and one I was excited to see even if I do already have a ton of black liquid eyeliners. This one is from Illamasqua.

This is the Precision Ink Eye-Liner Liquide in the color Abyss. This one is inky black and goes on with a very thin brush tip.

In theory, this thin little tip should provide enough control to put on the thinnest line. Then again, it's the hand that wields the thing that determines just how thin that line will be. In my hands, not so thin as I would like, unfortunately. But I am practicing. In fact, the last time I attempted a winged eye - let's just say it didn't work out so well. One eye wasn't bad but the other was not so great. Not sure I look good in that much black eyeliner, either.

Anyway, this liner is the blackest black that I have ever seen.

The most interesting thing I found about this eyeliner is one of the ingredients. It actually contains hyaluronic acid. As you may or may not know, hyaluronic acid is the stuff that draws moisture to your skin when included in moisturizer. I just found it interesting to find it in an eyeliner. You also have to shake it up before you use it and it sounds like there is a ball inside to help mix the liner. Just an interesting product all the way around.

This is a full size and, hold on to your seats, this thing retails for $28. In an Ipsy bag. Say what? Me thinks Ipsy is stepping up their game a bit with this particular bag. In fact, I think this is the highest worth bag I've gotten from them so far. Case in point - the overall worth of this bag comes out to $80.98. I paid $10. Ipsy is definitely one of the monthly subscriptions to keep.

If you would like to get your own Ipsy Glambag every month, just hop on their site using this link and sign up. Highly recommended.

I plan to work all day on getting a majority of the posts done for the monthly box backlog. The rest of the week is iffy with family member health issues looming. Hoping it's nothing serious but at her age, she'll be 78 this year, you never can tell.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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