Thursday, April 7, 2016

FOTD: New (to me) Makeup From Paula's Choice

Happy Thursday!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. No boxes have arrived and I have been working on setting up a site with WordPress for the author side of me. It's a learning curve since I'm more used to Blogger but it's getting there. 

As to boxes, looks like I will no longer be receiving the Allure Beauty Box. I thought I had updated my payment info when I got my new bank card but apparently either I failed to do so or I did and the info didn't take. Either way, they discontinued me without notice so I think I'll just leave it that way. I was going to have to pare down the monthly boxes anyway and Allure was one of the ones on the list to discontinue. Birchbox will be next, which will leave a choice between Glossybox and Beauty Box 5. I will be keeping Ipsy and Boxycharm and I have signed up for the Julep Maven box. My first box will be here Saturday so I'm excited to see what that entails. 

All that business aside, I actually have a Face Of The Day to show you featuring makeup from Paula's Choice.

As you know, I am sold on the skin care products I'm using and have even gotten another kit to try, Skin Recovery. This line is targeted for people with very dry skin (check) and sun damaged skin (sort of check). I do like the Calm line very much but need something a bit more moisturizing. I've only used the Recovery products twice now but so far, my skin has never felt more hydrated. I'll have more on that in a later post, once I've had a chance to really give the line a good try. 

For today, I want to talk about the makeup side of Paula's Choice.

The look I created used all of the Paula's Choice products I have plus a few extras for a complete look.

For the face, I used the Paula's Choice All Bases Covered Foundation in the color Sand. It has an SPF of 25.

As it is any time you're looking at colors online, I was kind of worried that this would be too dark but it turns out that this is a perfect match for my skin. It only comes in 4 shades so finding a perfect match might be a challenge. Sand is the second lightest. The lightest is Nude. The next darkest after Sand is Wheat and the darkest is Fawn.

The foundation has a thin consistency similar to a liquid foundation but comes in a tube. You get a full fluid ounce. Coverage with a single layer is light. The tube says light to medium so I'm assuming a second layer could give the medium coverage. One layer was sufficient. I did not use a primer, didn't need one. Though this is supposed to be a satin-matte finish, I found that it leaves a nice glow behind. I almost didn't want to use the powder - but I did.

This is the Healthy Finish Pressed Powder in Neutral.

The compact did not include a puff so I used a powder brush. I had to do some digging at it to get the powder moving. It went on lightly and did an excellent job of setting my foundation. The powder has an SPF of 15 - not as high as the ELF loose powder but with 30 SPF in the moisturizer, 25 SPF in the foundation, I think I'm pretty well covered. The powder comes in three colors. Neutral is the middle option. The lighter option is Buff Beige and the darker is Flaxen

I did use my normal Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser as well as the ELF HD Undereye Setting powder. I also used that powder to set the Thank Me Later eye primer from Elizabeth Mott, which works great, even with shadows that usually crease no matter what I do to prevent it. 

The Blush It On Contour Palette from Paula's Choice is a good one. You get one highlight, one contour and four blushes.

All are very pigmented - almost too pigmented. I had to do some serious blending because I underestimated just how pigmented these are. Couldn't really tell from the swatches, as you can see below.

top row, r to l: Pearl, Delicate Coral, Peony
bottom row, r to l: Bronze, Dusty Rose, Soft Mauve

Well, maybe you can. The contour is just cool enough yet warm enough that it doesn't go all muddy. I tried to make it more like a bronzer by mixing it with Delicate Coral but ended up with noticeable splotches on my forehead. I dipped back into the powder with a clean brush and blended the daylights out of it. 

Once I had that all blended out, I was more careful with the blush. I used Dusty Rose. Just a light tap of the brush and a shake to get rid of the excess was all I needed. I did use the highlight but after all the blending, it kind of blended away. If anything, it might actually be a little on the light side.

Once the face was done, I moved on to the eyes using the 4 Mattes and a Glam eye shadow palette.

r to l: Cream, Beige, Cafe Au Lait, Clay, Sugar Plum

As you can see, this is a very neutral palette - maybe a little on the cool side - with that pop of glittery rose. I used the 4 mattes for this eye look.

someone needs to spend some time plucking, doesn't she?

I used Cafe Au Lait over the lid then Clay in the crease and at the very outer corner. I packed a bit of Beige in the very center of the lid to bring in some light there then used Cream to blend out the crease and highlight the space above the crease and on to the brow bone. I used Clay beneath the lower lash line as well as the outer corner of the upper. And that's it. Took me all of five minutes because, like the face palette, all of these shadows are so well pigmented that it didn't take much to get the color applied. They do kick up a bit of powder and I had a small amount of fallout but overall, these shadows were a dream to work with. 

I finished with some Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara in Very Black and enhanced my brows with the L'Oreal Brow Stylist Definer in Brunette. 

I think the Brow Stylist Definer is L'Oreal's answer to the Anastasia Brow Wiz that everyone talks about. It has the tiniest tip at one end.

And a spoolie at the other end.

The product is very creamy and is buildable. It can go very light or nicely dark depending on the look you want.

I had originally purchased the blonde version but it could not be built up enough so I picked up the Brunette version and it works much better. I do like how buildable it is because of how I prefer my brows to be lighter when my hair is pulled back but darker when it's loose.

I completed the whole look with an Oh, Sugar! lip balm from Covergirl. This is Sprinkle.

I did get a closeup of my lips with this on but I am experiencing some purging breakouts around my lips right now so I won't subject you to that. Instead, here is the full look.

Very natural. But how did it wear? See for yourself. The pics below were taken about 6 hours later.

Everything looks pretty much as it did when freshly applied. The blush did fade ever so slightly but then this is different lighting so that may explain it. The shadow, however, didn't budge, didn't fade. Looks pretty much like it was just applied. You can, however, see where my glasses made the foundation break over the bridge of my nose in the second picture. FYI - I did not use a setting spray. I do wish I had not used the eye primer but using it is so much a part of the routine that it never occurred to me to not use it. I'll do that next time to see what happens.

Overall, I am just as impressed with the makeup from Paula's Choice as I am the skin care. I am hoping to see some different shadow palettes from her in the future. The blush/contour palette seems to be pretty complete. The only thing I might have added would be a bronzer but the contour in this palette is warm enough for my skin tone that it doubles as a bronzer. 

There are other makeup options at Paula's Choice but the selection is still limited compared to what other cosmetic companies have to offer. Not sure if there are more items to come or if the current selection is all there is. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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