Friday, April 22, 2016

Reviewed: April Boxycharm

Happy Friday!

Today I have the April Boxycharm to share.

And it is a good one - as usual.

The theme for the month was very appropriate.

Especially with the rainy weather we've had here in Central Ohio for the last couple of days. We've had more than our share of sunny days, though, so I'm not really complaining. Rain brings cool and until I can get the window A/C installed, cool is good.

There is much to love about this box. A good variety, too. I always love it when there's a variety like this. All of the items are full sized, as usual. 

I'll start with the Pur-Lisse Lip Nourisher with Mango & Shea Butter.

I previously received this same product in another box and was very glad to get this second one. I love this stuff. Almost more than Blistex. It really does hydrate my lips and doesn't seem to interact with the Paula's Choice products I'm using. I think it's been the Blistex causing the breakouts around my lips because of an interaction. Since I've stopped using the Blistex, the breakouts have healed and I haven't had any more.

While this lip balm isn't cheap - it sells for $16 - it is worth every penny.

We also received another lash product from Blinc.

I have used lash primers that are white and while they do give my lashes that added oomph I'm looking for, I don't like that the white can sometimes show through despite numerous coats of mascara. I'm hoping this black one will do the same thing without the white leftovers.

This one sells for $26. 

One of my favorite items in the box is a hand cream from Anderson Lilley.

This one is called Beach Butter Hand Cream and it came in the scent Manhattan Beach. It is very thick and rich - a little definitely goes a long way. And the scent! It's light, definitely not overpowering, and it lingers. It's a clean scent and contains many of my favorites - bergamot, citrus white jasmine, Brazilian soft woods, heliotrope, and musk. The musk is not overpowering, by the way. What I smell most is probably the bergamot and the jasmine. 

The company mainly produces candles and scent diffusers, at least that's what I found on their website. Manhattan Beach is the only fragrance I found where they made something besides a candle. They do sell the hand cream on their site. The cost is $24.

I also received another mineral pigment from Your Minerals Sweden.

This one is called Brown Hypnotic.

And it is absolutely gorgeous.

I have yet to use any of the pigments I've received but this one really tempts me. It's got that metallic goodness going on. I'll have to do a little searching on YouTube to find out the best way to use loose pigments like this so I don't end up all glitter-face. 

The retail price on this item is $21.

Last but certainly not least - a liquid lipstick from OFRA (one I can actually wear for a change).

This is Pasadena - a nude mauve that is very pigmented.

Just my color.

well, I thought I was smiling

It dries down totally matte and doesn't feel too uncomfortable. I've been wearing it for the last hour while doing this post and I don't feel my lips are too dry at all. It will transfer a bit at first but eventually will stay put. I might still use a lip balm under or over it. In case you don't know, applying a basic lip balm over a matte lipstick doesn't mess too much with the matte-ness but does bring back hydration. Unfortunately, it will also take away the transfer proof quality. Compromise.

There were two other possible colors - Manhattan: a dark, purple leaning red; and Honolulu: a really, really dark almost brown color. Neither would have suited me but I figured I'd end up with one of them instead of Pasadena. So glad I was wrong.

This one sells for $19.90. There are a ton of other colors available, some of which might just find their way into my collection.  

The total value of this box comes to  $106.90. Value-wise, they do seem to be dropping closer to that $100 mark as compared to some previous boxes but since the monthly cost is $21, it's still the best subscription service available, I think. If you would like to have a Boxycharm box delivered to your door every month, hop on over to their site here and sign up. I do recommend them highly.

That's it for today. Hope you all have a good weekend! Thanks for reading and stay tuned.


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