Tuesday, May 17, 2016

UPdate: Briefly, That Is

Happy Tuesday!

It's been almost a month since my last post and this one is just a quick update. I'll start by saying that this will be the one and only post for May.

Novel rewrites have taken up most of my time this month. I had hoped to have it up by the end of the month but since I've ended up completely rewriting the ending, it may take until the end of June before it's ready. Plus, I have to find a cover artist in the meantime. 

All that aside, the month has become quite angsty for me as the end of my COBRA benefits approaches and I have to find new health insurance or pay the penalty (do not get me started on THAT).

And then there is the decision regarding which subscription boxes to keep and which to discontinue. I have already put Birchbox and Beauty Box 5 on the chopping block. Besides, I'm being overun with way too many sample products that I'll never use. I try to pass on what I won't use but not everything is pass on -able. Allure has already been dropped. I have received a second Julep box but will probably not continue after I receive the third one. 

That leaves Boxycharm (#1 in my opinion), Glossybox, and Ipsy. Boxycharm is a definite keeper for me. Even though there have been months when I received items that I'll never use, the overall value has been the best for the monthly cost. Glossybox and Ipsy have both been up and down. If I had to choose, I'd probably go with Ipsy since I tend to get more useful items plus the bag. I mean, the bag is everything, right. And I have found them to be quite useful. While I still think Glossybox is pretty awesome, cost will be the deciding factor between the two. But for now, I'll keep them both.

So, when posting resumes in June, what does that leave?

I'm considering a minor revamp of blog content - in that I would like to explore a variety of subjects related to beauty, health and such. I am type 2 diabetic so I do have to watch what I eat - and I'm not always as conscientious as I probably should be. I am on Metformin and will most likely begin Glyburide next month after I see my doctor. This combination means I really have to watch my sugar numbers. One reason I would like to begin a focus on healthful eating, something I do as little as possible now. 

Then there is the subject that began this blog in the first place - nail polish and nail care. Since I haven't been going to an office job every day, I have kind of let that part slide and my nails have suffered for it. I'm back to oiling and am looking forward to more regularly scheduled polish sessions. While I have culled the stash quite a bit, there's still a lot of tiny bottles sitting around. There's also more beautiful new polishes out there I'd like to try.

As for makeup, I haven't been wearing it as much - ok, at all - lately. I guess all of this latest angst-ageddon has gotten to me more than I thought it would. Still, I do enjoy putting on a face and so that will continue. I do still plan to do a semi-final Paula's Choice post. I have been using the two lines - Calm and Skin Recovery - for several months now and have narrowed down the favorites that will become the final skin care routine. In fact, that will be the first post in June. Just decided.

So - I apologize for going AWOL in May. June will be a better month. It's my birthday month so it has to be better. I'll be 56 on the 18th. In fact, my birthday this year is on my actual birth day. I am a Saturday child, born the day before Father's Day. Kind of makes it a little more special this year.

Thanks for sticking with me through this post drought. More to come in June so stay tuned.


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