Saturday, December 10, 2016

Still Here! Sort of...

Well, hello there! Long time, no blog. Not sure if I'm back or not - only time will tell. Thought I would post an update and share something I discovered last night at my local Walgreens.

First, the update.

I am back at work with the employer who cut me loose two years ago. A job that I had already been wanting before I left opened up, a friend who still works there clued me in, and I got rehired. Very happy to be back and earning a regular paycheck. Now I can indulge in some of the more high-end products I've been jealously eyeing for the last two years.

I've also updated my profile pic. I'm loving this shorter hair. It's so much easier to deal with on these early mornings that I'm still getting used to. I'm also wearing makeup to work this time around. Have to get up at what a friend of mine calls 'Stupid-O'Clock' in order to do it but I'm having lots of fun creating different eye looks. Still need to work on that 15-minute face and I've nearly gotten there but not quite. I can still get a little too creative with the eyes and there-in lies my downfall. 

As I said up top, I'm not sure if I'm back on a regular basis but I do think I'll be doing some sharing going forward. Timing is the issue right now. Training for this new job is mentally draining and I'm usually done for the day by the time I get home. Still, that shouldn't last and I am feeling the need to blog again. I am still receiving monthly subscription boxes so that might be a good thing to go back to. 

Funny, though. When I had all the time in the world, I didn't have the desire. Now that I'm out of the house for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, the desire to blog is back. Human nature. Who can figure?

And speaking of sharing, why don't I just get to it?

So, I was in my local Walgreens last night, on the pretense of buying some more of that awesome Smart Water water - that redundant? 

(And in case you're, I did not get the water. Forgot all about it. No surprise there.)

Thanks to the way they very wisely (or not) have all of the new makeup stuff right there in the door where you just can't miss it (even if you try), I ended up with two new eyeshadow palettes. Like I need more eyeshadow, as the four completely stuffed drawers in one of my Helmers can attest.

I remember last year, getting all excited over two $3 palettes I found at Walgreens that just blew me away. So much so that I could not wait to share. Well, these two new palettes are no different and are perhaps even better because the ones last year were more shimmers than mattes and these two contain more mattes than shimmers.

I thought these were from the same company as the two from last year but not. I do, however, have some other palettes from this same company that are also awesome.

The company is Profusion and the palettes are these:

These were $10. You read that right. Just $10. And honestly, to me, the quality of the shadows is comparable to some of those more expensive shadows, of which I own only one of the Vice palettes from Urban Decay. As much as I hate to say this, I have to say the quality of these actually surpasses those in my Vice palette.

There are 12 shadows in each palette and while some of them might seem like dupes from one palette to the other, I don't really see this as a problem. Although, a couple of the names don't seem to match the color of the shadow. Not a big deal to me, though. I'm more interested in the shadow than what they've named it.

Starting with the Smoky palette, which looks like this on the inside:

I swatched just a few of the shadows and, again, the quality is just amazing.

That black on the left is so richly pigmented, it's ridiculous. Not a patch to be seen and get a load of that shimmer on the right. I'm thinking that baby could also be used for cheek highlighter if you felt the need for disco ball shimmer. Even the lighter colors (2nd from the right) are just so pigmented.

Now for the Natural palette:

Out of which, I do believe you could do a very smoky eye if you wanted. Again, the pigment quality is astounding (I know, I keep repeating myself but they really, truly are!).

From darkest to light, not a complaint here. These swatches were done using a cotton swab but even with that, I could feel how soft and creamy these are. Yes, there's going to be powder but that should be expected with something so buttery soft like these shadows are.

And the color variety - you literally could do an entire eye look using a single palette. Many palettes seem to forget the need for a transition shade but Profusion clearly did not. I don't always use a transition shade since I'm usually in a hurry to get the eyes done but when I do, it's very important that the shade be a good one for transition purposes. I'm really looking forward to playing with these palettes.

There is a double-ended brush in each palette and it seems to be of excellent quality, as well.

One end has what looks to be a good crease brush.

The other end is a flat shader brush that can be used to pack color onto the lid.

Both ends look similar in quality to some of the brushes I already have so I'm looking forward to seeing if they work just as well. You can never have too many brushes, in my opinion. 

Bottom line, if you see these at your local Walgreens, do not hesitate to grab them. These are awesome and well worth the money.

I'll leave this with you here and hope to be back soon. Thanks for reading!


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